STF authorizes transference of Roberto Jefferson to private hospital

The Minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), Alexandre de Moraes, authorized the transfer of the president of the PTB (Brazilian Labor Party), Roberto Jefferson, from the Emergency Care Unit (UPA) of the Gericinó Penitentiary Complex to the Hospital Samaritano, in Barra da Tijuca, West Zone of the state capital.

Moraes emphasizes, however, that Jefferson will remain in pre-trial detention.

“It should be noted, initially, that, in a recent decision dated 8/31/2021, I maintained the preventive detention of ROBERTO JEFFERSON MONTEIRO FRANCISCO, deeming it necessary and essential to guarantee public order and criminal instruction”, says an excerpt from the decision rendered this Saturday (4).

Regarding the transfer to the private health unit, Moraes says that he took into account the information provided by the Department of Penitentiary Administration (SEAP), which says he is unable to meet the inmate in the Prison Unit.

Moraes reiterated that the transfer of the custodian can only be carried out after installing an electronic ankle bracelet. Jefferson has acute pyelonephritis, an infection in both kidneys, and has had four different types of cancer.

In addition, the president of the PTB cannot receive visits without prior judicial authorization, with the exception of family members, and is prohibited from having any form of access or contact with those investigated in the Fake News and Anti-Democratic Acts Inquiries.

You are also prohibited from attending or accessing social media, either through your press office or any other person, and from giving interviews without authorization from the courts.

Alexandre de Moraes ordered the arrest of former deputy Roberto Jefferson
Former deputy Roberto Jefferson / Valter Campanato / Agência Brasil

According to the medical report sent by the Department of Penitentiary Administration of the State of Rio (Seap) to the Court, the former deputy has a urinary infection and complains of pain in the lower back. Roberto Jefferson has been hospitalized since September 1 at the UPA in Gericinió. According to the document, his health status is considered stable.

Seap clarifies that it received the decision of Minister Alexandre de Moraes, from the Federal Supreme Court and that it will fully comply with what was determined.

Roberto Jefferson is suspected of a series of crimes, including libel, libel and criminal organization. He is accused of being part of a ‘digital militia’ that promotes attacks on democracy. On August 25, the Attorney General’s Office denounced the former deputy for incitement to crime and homophobia.

Jefferson was preventively arrested by the Federal Police on the 13th, by the Federal Police in Rio de Janeiro, for participating in an alleged digital militia in attacks on democratic institutions. The criminal organization would have been set up, mainly, to attack the next election.