Tatá Werneck regrets four months of Paulo Gustavo’s death

Tata Werneck used social networks this Saturday (4) and caused emotion among thousands of followers by paying homage to the late comedian Paulo Gustavo, who lost his life four months ago as a result of complications caused by Covid-19.

On Instagram, the actress and presenter published a video that brought together some moments of the iconic 42-year-old artist behind the scenes of some of his works, where she highlighted all the affection and admiration for the commander of Lady Night. In the caption, Rafael Vitti’s wife described her undying love for her great friend.

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“4 months without you. If you knew how we love you and miss you. But I think you knew. And you know”, wrote Tatá Werneck in the caption. In the comments, celebrities and internet users also lamented the loss of Paulo Gustavo.

“I miss you”, wrote Carolina Dietmann. “I miss him immensely”, “It’s still hard to remember that he’s no longer with us”, “It seems like a lie”, “I still can’t believe it”, said other fans.

Tatá Werneck lost 40 kilos after Paulo Gustavo’s death

Recently, the comedian revealed having weighed around 40 kilos after the death of Paulo Gustavo, when talking about the compliments she received due to her thinner appearance, when in fact, she was saddened by the pain of grief.

“When I was about 12 years old, I was hospitalized for a year with dehydration. When Paulo died I reached 40 kilos. I took several exams to see if it was just emotional and it was just emotional,” she said, who revealed more details about the health problem.

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