Thales Bretas regrets the four months without the actor

Thales Bretas, the widower of actor and humorist Paulo Gustavo, who died in May as a result of covid-19, lamented the four months of her husband’s death and gave an outburst:

Today is another day on this difficult path of abdication of dreams and projects. Four months ago I had the interruption of many projections, and the maximum contact with the reality that the future is today, the present is our greatest present! And that one cannot give up being happy today for an expectation of a better future. I think I’ve learned a lot from PG about the value of life! How he taught me that! And I was very happy! Thales Bretas

“Today I wake up scheduling little joys in my day to day so I don’t freak out with the curves that life makes. I got my biggest gift, my family! And even with the suffocating longing for my partner and love of life, I get up for the happiness that is being I live and still have countless possibilities. The absence is immense, but my gratitude for so much love is and will always be infinite… and eternal!”, concluded Thales.

Mônica Martelli and Tatá Werneck, friends of Paulo Gustavo, also regretted the actor’s absence. “4 months without you. If you only knew how much we love you and miss you. But I think you knew. And you know,” wrote Tatá.

“I keep asking myself daily what you would say about everything that is happening in my life. I miss your look at the world, your laughs, your intelligence. 4 months of longing”, said Mônica.