The entire Galaxy A family is expected to gain optical image stabilization within the next year

Samsung is gearing up to make Galaxy A line phones even more interesting. According to an article published by the Korean website The Elec, the company will bring OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) to all models of the Galaxy A line, from the most basic to the most advanced.

Currently only a few premium branded intermediaries embark on this feature, commonly found in flagships, but starting in 2022, Samsung’s strategy will focus even more on delivering advanced features in mid-range handsets.

The OIS can currently be found on devices like the Galaxy A72, A52 and A22 4G, very popular models from South Korea, and next year, we should see it in the successor of the Galaxy A42, A32 and A22 5G.

This is one way for Samsung to expand its market presence amid the growing popularity of brands like Xiaomi and Realme in this segment of devices.

The sensors will be provided by Korean partners such as Patron, MCNEX and PowerLogics, which will receive some benefits in payments to meet the demand.

In addition, Samsung Electric is expected to expand its presence to provide even more camera modules for the Galaxy A family — athe firm currently supplies the sensors for the Galaxy A22.