The fantastic easy money factory of GAS Consultoria

The creator of GAS Consultoria was arrested by the Federal Police, and the Cabo Frio region awoke in fury. There were motorcades, public petitions with thousands of signatures and commentators on all social networks. All united for the same strange cause: freeing Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, whose initials give the name to GAS.

And it seems to make sense: Glaidson created the fantastic risk-free investment. It’s like a magic box where you just put the money in, never lose and still earn a fixed 10% every month.

The dollar may fall, bitcoin may fall, which is no problem: the GAS goose lays only golden eggs.

Those who are more experienced in the cryptocurrency (or even stock) market know what the anguish of seeing a 30% drop and not knowing whether it’s time to sell or hold the assets is. They know that the future is always uncertain — the future can be an opportunity but it is also always a risk for capital.

But the scheme commanded by Glaidson repeats the mechanism of so many blows that occurred in the past. It’s not bitcoin — it’s just building the investment illusion.

GAS Consultoria is a rerun of what we have seen so many times. Minerworld, Unick Forex, Atlas Quantum, Bitcoin Bank, among others, repeated the pattern of using Bitcoin to lure the unwary and mask the old financial pyramid scheme.

While they were paying, those who criticized these companies were attacked by internet minions. Each pharaoh had his church of followers made up of various types of people: the greedy, the gullible, and the dream sellers for the gullible and greedy.

The narratives change, but the accounting principle holds: the money of the new entrants pays the income of the old ones. Take what belongs to Peter to pay for John.

Glaidson’s big move was to have created the one-year contracts to get the principal back, this guarantees fixed returns for a while and avoids the run-offs. So, for example, if a person puts R$100 thousand into GAS in a contract, he will receive for a few months the very money he put there.

With this, the system is fed back, driven by the army of sellers who earn hefty commissions on each package sold.

And that’s why the scheme is still ongoing. Sellers continue to sell to the unwary and greedy. The pro-Glaidson movement continues with the narrative that Glaidson is being persecuted by Globo, banks, Universal Church, etc.

What will not change is the usual pattern: at some point the scheme will stop paying. And no one will get the money back. As happened in all similar cases, as is the pattern of the old well-known financial pyramid.