‘The human being is dirty’, vents Jojo Todynho’s new boyfriend on the web | celebrities

Jojo Todynho and boyfriendreproduction

Posted 04/09/2021 15:20 | Updated 09/04/2021 15:35

Rio – Jojo Todynho revealed that she has a new boyfriend and the boy’s profile, Marcio Felipe, from Rio, went viral on Instagram. This Friday, he used the social network to vent. “The human being is very dirty, right? My God… Be careful what you say about others”, he wrote, which he erased right away.

On the same date, a manicurist from Rio de Janeiro spoke about the dancer’s alleged infidelity. Izabelle Branquinho reported that the funkeira’s current affair was, until then, her boyfriend. To back up her lines, she shared a series of conversations and photos with the boy.

In an interview with PodPah, Jojo talked about her new boyfriend, but without revealing the name, just said the initials: F and M. That was enough for him to have been discovered. In the interview, she talked about how they met and bonded.

“I was going to have my eyelashes done and he was leaving the same building. It made me dizzy at the time. He looked like a closet, all dressed in Flamengo. It was an exchange of looks and then I was hoping he would send me a direct on Instagram. He sent it and said: ‘Are you going to just watch?’ I replied, I went away and when I came back we met. It was great, it was wonderful,” she said.