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Corinthians enters the field only on Tuesday night, against Juventude, but Fiel’s anxiety about the presence of the main reinforcements results in some questions. After all, when will the quartet format by Giuliano, Renato Augusto, Willian and Róger Guedes play together? What is the physical condition of each one? And how to fit them into the team? O ge answers below.

It’s important to point out that everyone is at a different stage in their physical preparation. Giuliano is the most adapted of the four. The midfielder amended a sequence as a starter since his debut, against Santos, and is already able to play 90 minutes. He should start playing Tuesday, at 9:30 pm, against Juventude, at Neo Química Arena, for the 19th round of the Brazilian Championship.

Already the midfielder Renato Augusto is gradually joining the team, as the player himself had warned in his presentation. In three games, he played for 32, 25 and 32 minutes, totaling 89 minutes on the field since his return. There is no prediction of when you will be able to play an entire game.

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Renato Augusto, Willian, Róger Guedes and Giuliano reinforce Corinthians — Photo: ge

Willian had three days of work at Corinthians. First, on Thursday, he took physical tests. Then, on Friday, he participated in the warm-up with the group and did some specific work with physical preparation. On Saturday, he trained normally with the cast.

Last Thursday, during the club’s anniversary event, Willian quickly commented that he would need a few days to be physically fit. His last game, for Arsenal, was on May 19 this year, still valid for last season. Chances are he’s related to Tuesday’s duel.

Finally, Róger Guedes has been working normally at CT Joaquim Grava with the group and said he is very much looking forward to his debut. During his press conference, he mentioned that he can play on Tuesday, either for five or for 90 minutes, as Sylvinho wants.

Renato Augusto and Willian talk at Corinthians training — Photo: Rodrigo Coca/Ag.Corinthians

The quartet’s situation:

  • Giuliano: Debuted against Santos, on August 8, and has started in four games since then. In the last one, the 1-0 victory over Grêmio, for the first time, was on the field for the entire game for Corinthians. Will start against Juventude.
  • Renato Augusto: debuted against Ceará, on August 15th, and also played the following two matches, against Athletico and Grêmio, always entering the second half. Shouldn’t start as a starter yet.
  • Roger Guedes: he hasn’t played for about nine months, but he says he is able to play. You have chances to play at least part of Tuesday’s game.
  • Willian: performed three training sessions, the last with the ball, in full. It has chances to be related to this Tuesday’s game.

Róger Guedes at Corinthians training at CT — Photo: Rodrigo Coca/Ag.Corinthians

The fans’ expectation is to see the four of them on the field as soon as possible, playing together, something totally viable for Sylvinho, since in the coach’s preferred tactical scheme (4-1-4-1) each would occupy a specific role.

Thinking about the lineup that has been used the most by Sylvinho, Roni and Adson, who is currently injured, would lose the spot. Gustavo Mosquito, one of Fiel’s darlings, would also leave the team. Willian would arrive to possibly occupy the right wing, and Roger Guedes the left wing.

Giuliano at Corinthians training at CT — Photo: Rodrigo Coca/Ag.Corinthians

There are those who are considering casting Róger as a center forward or false 9. In his presentation, shirt 123 said he can play like this, which would take away Jô’s vacancy, but that he feels more comfortable in his original position, the winger, or, mainly, playing loose ahead.

The trend is that when the quartet is able to play, Corinthians go to the field with: Cassius; Fagner, João Victor, Gil and Fábio Santos; Gabriel; Willian, Giuliano, Renato Augusto and Róger Guedes; Job

Possible squad for Corinthians with the main reinforcements playing together — Photo: ge

Commentator Ana Thaís Matos analyzed Corinthians with the reinforcements. Check it out below:

“The four hired by Corinthians take the team to a new level within the team’s expectations for the season.

Renato Augusto + Giuliano are for me the guiding principles of the game. They take up what Corinthians already did in 2015 with Jadson and also Renato, although Giuliano has another dynamic. However, the team now has two options for how to play: with the ball, forming a dynamic midfield, taking the ball out of Gabriel’s feet and passing it to Renato and Giuliano, moving in the back of the attack. When Corinthians does not have the ball, with teams with more consistent midfield, the team will need the strength of the attacking mark, pressure on loss and quick recovery. And with that he can make Giuliano gain even more prominence, because he doesn’t need to be with the ball all the time to find a pass or an approach. It’s dynamic to speed up the game when the team counter attacks.

Willian, an attacker, can act on the right or left side of the attack, falling from the inside as well to help in the creation, besides of course the great finishing power and approach game, either with Jô in the pivot, giving depth, or even with the socks arriving in the area. And this, of course, impacts the game of Róger Guedes. In rival Palmeiras Brazilian champion of 2016, he played on the right side forming a pair with Gabriel Jesus. That is, one more attacker to fall sideways into the area. He has a lot of strength at start and speed, and doesn’t need to have space to play, he creates and takes up space very well. Although sometimes he is individualistic in decision making, something that has evolved a lot at Atletico-MG. In Galo, he also evolved as a finisher, however, he doesn’t play backwards (in case he needs to replace Jô or something like that). In an ideal world, Willian, Jô and Guedes form the attacking trio, but Guedes will have to fight on the field and on the ball for the right side of the field – which is Corinthians’ strong point with Fagner overtaking, something Mosquito does very well.”

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