Tite designs changes in Brazil’s attack for game against Argentina – Lance

Coach Tite kept the mystery around who will be the holders of the Brazilian team against Argentina, in a confrontation for the qualifiers of the World Cup 2022. However, in a press conference this Saturday (4), the commander designed offensive adjustments and, in a moment of irreverence, he compared the coach’s challenge to that of a chef.

– Sometimes I watch a gastronomy program and I think it’s a good analogy. First, you make the cake part, then the filling, then you progress to the frosting part and build. That’s a bit how football is played. I would like this process to be rushed, but it needs the whole process of development to reach completion. The creation, the goal, the defensive consistency, the victory, the beauty that is the icing on the cake. Which is the final point – he declared.

In his eyes, Brazil and Argentina have a special taste.

– It’s no use using hypocrisy. It is inevitable to say that the game has a different connotation. We only rival those we admire. It’s games like that, like when in clubs against Boca, River, Estudiantes, San Lorenzo, Racing… it’s another atmosphere. But what we cannot do is play the game first, we have to absorb energy, have serenity, balance, discernment. It is an emotional game that mobilizes, that provokes questions, but this consideration is fundamental, he said.

The coach spoke about the variations that Gabigol has been having on the field.

– I made notes about Gabigol and wrote freedom. We accompanied Gabi in Flamengo, in Santos, in the clashes. It needs movement space, if it’s just the pivot, I’ll get better features. There will be a coach who wants him to do what he doesn’t do best. This freedom of movement I give. At Santos, the origin was external, to have all these movements of freedom of movement. It’s not the whole field, it’s center right, where you feel better. From then on, yes, to have the presence of an area – he declared.

The coach did not hide that the fact of working at Neo Química Arena brings great encouragement. According to him, “football speaks louder”.

– First, the show will get much better. I was watching a game at Maracanã and a reporter captured a conversation in which a player said to the coach: “the field is bad, we couldn’t play, it needs two or three passes”. How are you going to achieve speed articulation with an eye on the ball? All athletes want a good game, a good lawn to have speed – he said.

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