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SUMMARY: Alex (Rodrigo Lombardi) will make it clear that he doesn’t intend to marry Angel (Camila Queiroz) because he might buy her off and offend her. The young woman will decide to break off her relationship with the manager and will be convinced of her decision after Lyris (Jéssica Córes) claims to have been raped by him. Carolina’s daughter (Drica Moraes) will ask Fanny (Marieta Severo) to help her enter the pink book scheme without exclusive clients

Monday, 6/9 (Chapter 8)
Darlene advises Angel and says that if she does something wrong she will tell Hilda and Carolina everything. Anthony suggests that Igor have a child with Pia so that the girl can ask him to marry him. Giovanna tells Alex and Pia that she will be able to support herself. Pia suspects that Alex is in love. Angel refuses Darlene’s ride and Carolina is intrigued.

Giovanna decides to approach Angel to become a model. With Angel’s money, Hilda manages to suspend the auction of her apartment. Eziel comments to Angel what he heard from Darlene about her modeling work. Fanny reviews her contract with Alex’s company. Larissa loses a job for spending the night with Sam. Angel asks Alex if he wants to marry her.

Tuesday, 7/9 (Chapter 9)
Alex tells Angel that he will never marry her, but says he wants to solve her family’s financial problems. Carolina is suspicious of Angel’s behavior. Everyone at school admires the magazine with pictures of Angel and Guilherme regrets having dismissed the girl. Fabia sells her latest jewelry to buy drinks and Anthony scolds his mother.

Giovanna approaches Angel to try to be a model. Angel asks to check Carolina’s aim with the gun. Angel vents to Visky about Alex. Anthony asks Fanny to give him a position at the agency. Angel ends his relationship with Alex.

Wednesday, 8/9 (Chapter 10)
Alex tries to convince Angel to stay with him, but she refuses and doesn’t accept the money from the manager. Hilda tells Angel that she needs money to paint the apartment. Anthony takes Fábia to the doctor. Everaldo invites Carolina to lunch. Alex asks Fanny for help to get Angel back. Fanny demands that Angel go to a party and sends Visky to guarantee the girl’s presence.

Darlene confesses to Carolina and Hilda that she distrusts Angel’s work. Giovanna asks Angel to take her to Fanny’s agency. At the party, Alex watches Daniel dancing with Angel and Lyris while drinking. Larissa and Sam get together on a job and enjoy the experience. Angel snubs Alex, who offers Lyris a ride.

Thursday, 9/9 (Chapter 11)
After learning that Alex has left with Lyris, Fanny and Anthony blackmail the manager, who threatens them back. Angel asks to find Alex. Giovanna takes money from Pia’s safe to make her photo book and goes to Fanny’s agency. Visky, Fanny and Anthony approve of Giovanna, who is named Kika.

Angel tells Alex that he never wants to see him again. Angel is surprised to find Giovanna working at a Fanny event. Larissa arranges to find Sam. Angel, Larissa and Stephanie go to a show and Giovanna is suspicious. Giovanna invites Anthony to sleep with her.

Friday, 9/10 (Chapter 12)
Anthony likes Giovanna. Edgard is angry at Alex. Anthony tells Giovanna about the pink book and the girl accepts the scheme. Anthony confesses to Fanny that he stayed with Giovanna, but tells the manager that he loves her. Giovanna proposes complicity to Angel. Pia scolds Giovanna for taking money from her safe and asks Alex for help.

Alex assures Fanny that if he gets Angel back, he will sign the exclusive contract with his agency. Carolina helps Everaldo with a patient. Fanny forbids Angel from doing shows, but the girl claims she will not return to Alex. Visky promises to help Angel make more money. Angel goes out with a manager.

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