Toyota to launch hydrogen-powered Corolla and Prius in 2023

Toyota won’t rely solely on electric cars in the future, and that’s no secret. The largest Japanese automaker follows a different path from European brands and bets on the diversification of propulsion options. This week, Forbes published that the company is preparing to launch an unprecedented hydrogen version for the models Corolla and Prius.

Toyota currently invests heavily in hybrid and plug-in hybrid models, in addition to hydrogen. It has worked harder than any other company to reduce emissions through these propulsion alternatives.

In this scenario, the Japanese automaker is one of the last major manufacturers to launch an electric vehicle, in this case the Toyota bZ4X, already presented as a functional concept and scheduled to reach the market in 2022.

Taking into account these factors, in addition to the various initiatives and tests with cars powered by hydrogen that Toyota discloses, it is clear that the Japanese brand is really taking seriously the massification of options with this type of fuel.

After the launch of the second-generation Toyota Mirai, a hydrogen fuel cell-powered car that can run up to 650 km on a full tank, the brand now wants to explore new possibilities with this energy source.

In the case of the Toyota Prius, the brand’s pioneering hybrid car, the plan is to launch the fifth generation of the model by the end of next year as a plug-in gasoline hybrid, and later, in 2023, also on hydrogen, in a unprecedented combination within the brand portfolio (Hydrogen PHEV).

In the case of the Corolla, the plans are to launch a version with an internal combustion engine that burns hydrogen, not a model equipped with fuel cells like the Mirai. Toyota has been testing this version in some car racing in Japan for a few months with satisfactory results in terms of efficiency and strength of the mechanical set.

If the development is successful and the version really hits the market, it will be another pioneering spirit for the Japanese brand and an opportunity to prove that hydrogen cars are a good alternative to electric vehicles. To be checked.

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Source: Forbes