Track with Pabllo Vittar has the best performance of “Dawn Of Chromatica”

Brazilians don’t dominate the world because they don’t want to! After hitting #1 on different streaming platforms, “Fun Tonight”, partnership between Pablo Vittar and Lady Gaga for the already acclaimed “Dawn Of Chromatica”, it had the best performance among all tracks in the remixes on Spotify. Alone, the track accounts for more than 1.030 million plays globally on the platform.

It’s worth remembering that the disc was made available at May-night on Friday (3) in the music app. With this, the singers’ arrocha also became the second best international debut in the history of Spotify Brasil, totaling 714,000 plays in the national territory.

Photo: Disclosure / Ernna Cost. Art: @sadseaboy

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And when we say that “Dawn of Chromatica” was born acclaimed, we prove with numbers. In total, Lady Gaga’s record surpassed the “Club Future Nostalgia“, in two Lipa, and now holds the biggest remix album debut on Spotify. With 8 million streams, the album even surpassed the debut of unpublished releases.

On the top!

Pablo Vittar and Lady Gaga is dominating the charts with the release of the remix of “Fun Tonight”, partnership between the singers on the album “Dawn Of Chromatica”, by the American artist. After hitting #1 on Apple Music, the track shows its power on different platforms. Thrilled, the drag queen made an Instagram post to celebrate her success.

Photo: Disclosure / Ernna Cost. Art: @sadseaboy

Just to give you an idea, the track is one of the most played on the remix album of the original version of “Chromatica”, an album released by Gaga last year. Here in Brazil, “Fun Tonight” is in first place not only on Apple Music, but also on iTunes and YouTube. On Spotify Global, the hit is at no less than the 137th position this Saturday, and threatens to rise.

On Spotify Brazil, the collaboration appears in #18 and in Portugal in #127, while on Deezer, the pop double is in 23rd place. In short: the drag queen knows she won.