TV Globo is ordered to pay compensation for the surprise of her boyfriends on “Mais Você”; know why and values

First, this dinner turned into a funeral, and now, a loss for TV Globo… In June 2019, Nicole Cristine Leal de França became known on social networks, after participating in a “Mais Você” frame in which she didn’t have the best reactions during a romantic dinner with your boyfriend. Indignant with the final result of the filming, she decided to sue the Rio station, and according to Notícias da TV this Saturday (4), she could win a R$ 10 thousand indemnity.

The publication had access to the file and reported that Nicole claimed to have suffered personal and psychological damage after the painting was shown on television. The case was judged by the 5th Civil Court of the Court of Rio de Janeiro, and despite the young woman having asked for R$ 50 thousand in damages, judge Monica de Freitas Lima ordered a lower amount to be paid by the company of the Marinho family. The magistrate agreed with França that there was an exaggeration in the way the narrative was conducted on television.

Because Nicole is not a public person, the judge concluded that TV Globo exceeded her right to freedom of expression. “The author’s right to have the report taken off the air is evident, as the way her image was edited and portrayed, including through sound and visual effects, as well as the narrative used reveal distortion between what justified the capture and what was shown in the entertainment program”, wrote Monica de Freitas.

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In addition to the R$ 10 thousand, TV Globo must immediately remove the story from all its servers and is prohibited from making any reruns or showing Nicole’s image in its programs. The case can still be appealed in other spheres of justice.

An unromantic dinner

Nicole Cristine Leal França explained that she was approached in May 2019 by the production of the program “Mais Você” to participate in an article on Valentine’s Day. Her boyfriend Pedro was going to surprise her with a romantic dinner. Even resistant to the idea, she agreed to record the painting, but did not like the editing, claiming that everything was reduced to more acidic statements that she had made, added to the comments of Ana Maria Braga and angry emojis that illustrated the sequences.

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The girl’s defense argued that the edition followed a narrative whose objective was to have the greatest possible repercussion with viewers. It turns out that it went much further, and Nicole was heavily attacked on social media. At the time, she still tried to defend herself, saying she was tired that day, but acknowledged that she had been too rude to her boyfriend. The explanation was not enough to stop the attacks. França then erased its social networks and decided to go to court.