UFC: English McGregor debuts destroying Brazilians and makes noise: ‘I came to take care’

Ladies and Gentlemen, Paddy Pimblett has arrived at the UFC. And making a lot of noise! The new English sensation managed a good comeback, knocking out Brazilian Luigi Vendramini in the first round and attacking Conor McGregor in the best style in the interview after the fight.

“I came here to take care! I’m the new money guy. I’m the new UFC main. I will be the best in the game next week. I’m the new guy in the UFC. People will be saying my name now, calling me to fight. You know where I am. Shelby (the man who marks UFC fights), come back to the UK and put your boy in the main event,” he said.

Pimblett is one of the great sensations of the moment in MMA precisely because of his provocative style, which is very reminiscent of Conor McGregor’s. Another similarity is the fighting style, which is always aggressive.

Paddy, by the way, already caught the attention of Conor himself, who sent a good luck message to the Englishman before his UFC debut.

His first fight in the best MMA event in the world, by the way, was quite impressive, with the right to a show of recovery power as well.

In the very first minute, Vendramini landed a full punch that shook and then made the English sensation go to the ground. But Paddy defended himself very well and turned the fight slowly.

The end came in the last minute of the opening round. The Englishman landed a huge number of blows, including a flying knee. Vendramini tried to hold on as he could, but ended up succumbing and saw the referee stop the fight as soon as he went to the ground.

At 26 years old, Pimblett now has 17 wins (six knockouts, seven submissions and four decisions) and just three career losses. He was champion of Cage Warriors, the biggest MMA event in England and Europe.