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Abel Ferreira, coach of Palmeiras, is obsessed with the psychological side of players and teams. He usually reads several books on the subject and takes this kind of work seriously in his clubs.

In Verdão, it’s no different. Since last year, psychologist Gisele Silva has been doing this work daily with the cast led by the Portuguese. It is common to see photos of the professional at the edge of the field in training, talking to the athletes.

– We look at the living conditions, the personal issues, how the athlete is feeling inside the institution, how the process of adaptation to everything the club proposes is being, be it relationships, methodology, rules… – said Gisele .

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Psychologist Gisele Silva greets Abel Ferreira after winning the Libertadores title — Photo: Cesar Greco/Ag. palm trees

– We work so that the athlete adapts to what the club offers, doesn’t lose its purpose in life, doesn’t lose its essence. That he can act, be who he is, but keeping his psychological well-being within the challenges that high-performance sport has – explained the psychologist.

Palmeiras has shown a strong mental side since last year, recovering from difficult moments and managing to come back quickly. An example is the disappointment at the Club World Cup, in Qatar, at the beginning of the year.

After the bad campaign, however, Palmeiras returned and won the Copa do Brasil.

Palmeiras wins again at Brasileirão after four games

Palmeiras wins again at Brasileirão after four games

This year, Verdão lost Paulistão, the Recopa Sudamericana, the Supercopa, besides being eliminated by the CRB in the Copa do Brasil. Even with these disappointments, today the team is in the semifinals of the Libertadores and is the vice-leader of the Brasileirão.

In forward Rony’s view, psychological work has been fundamental in Palmeiras’ recovery moments.

– We didn’t let these games shake us. We know that the psychological shakes many times, but we have a duty to control our mind. It’s often a psychological thing. We have our psychologist, who talks with us daily, we go to her room to talk. Palmeiras gives us all this support – said the attacker.

– If it were another club, everyone would say that I was in despair. And Palmeiras is a big club, it has a gigantic structure to give all this support. Each player has his own thoughts, knows what he wants for his life, knows that neither in victory nor in defeat has to reflect on his life – he completed.

Gisele Silva in conversation with Marcos Rocha during training — Photo: Cesar GrecoPalmeiras

Gisele Silva has been at Palmeiras for 12 years. He passed by futsal, in the youth categories and since last year he has been working in the professional team. Today, it is increasingly part of the daily lives of athletes.

– I follow the training sessions, I ponder with the athletes at the edge of the field when the need arises, I update specific demands that I will have with him. In this context of sport, the psychologist manages to move in several areas. The idea is for us to know and understand what the psychological aspects are and how they impact the athlete’s life – said the professional.

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