Verstappen Gets Off Punishment for Irregular Overtaking

Max Verstappen got rid of a possible red flag overtaking penalty during free practice for the Netherlands GP in Formula 1 on Friday. The Dutchman was summoned by the commissioners earlier this Saturday to give explanations about a maneuver carried out on top of Throw Stroll.

The case happened during the first red flag of TL2, when Lewis Hamilton suffered engine problems in his Mercedes. Case images showed that Verstappen was around fast, with Stroll walking more slowly, when he switched to aston martin before taking your foot off the accelerator.

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After discussions with Verstappen and Red Bull sporting director Jonathan Wheatley, the FIA ​​considered that while the Dutchman passed Stroll, it was because he was not yet aware of the red flag at that time.

The stewards’ communiqué reads: “The Race Management System indicates that the flag and red lights were started at 15:10:12. When Verstappen passed Dashboard 14 (which is prior to the pass point), it was not illuminated.”

“With Verstappen approaching Stroll’s rear, the red light on Verstappen’s steering wheel was activated. At this time, Verstappen’s speed was 260 km/h and Stroll, 110 km/h, in a 150 km/h delta. , telemetry shows that Verstappen immediately took his foot off the accelerator.”

“It is our conclusion that Verstappen has taken all reasonable steps to comply with the regulation, immediately slowing down safely at the earliest possible opportunity, even before the red flag or red light is visible to him, and this meets the requirements of the Code Sport”.

If Verstappen had been found guilty, he would have ended up receiving a penalty of starting grid positions for his home GP in Zandvoort.

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