Warley scores, Botafogo wins Rowing and “puts his feet” in the G4 of Serie B – 09/04/2021

Botafogo took an important step in the fight to return to the elite of Brazilian football. Alvinegro beat Remo 1-0, tonight (4), at Baenão, and, at least momentarily, occupies the third place in Serie B. The triumph was built with a goal by Warley, who couldn’t even celebrate because, soon after putting the ball in the net, he felt severe cramps.

With the result, Glorioso reached 38 points, surpassing Goiás in the number of victories, but, it is worth remembering, Esmeraldino will face Cruzeiro on Tuesday, still for this round. Remo, with 27 points, remains in the middle of the table and trying to get away from the relegation zone.

In the next round, Remo will face Vitória, in Barradão, on Friday, and Botafogo will host Londrina, at Nilton Santos, on Saturday.

End of taboo and 100%

The last time Botafogo had defeated Remo in duels in the capital of Pará, it was for the 1980 Brazilian Nationals. At the time, Alvinegro won 3-1, in a comeback. Since then, there have been two matches, one in the 2001 Copa do Brasil and the 2003 Series B, both with triumphs for the home team. The result, in fact, made Botafogo maintain 100% use in this return, with three victories in three rounds — they also beat Vila Nova and Coritiba.

Debut as a titleholder

Without striker Rafael Navarro, suspended, coach Enderson Moreira opted for Rafael Moura as a starter. It was the first time He-Man was among the starting 11 since arriving at Alvinegro in June.

“Warm” start

The game started with a good chance for Remo, in a submission by Victor Andrade, but, soon after, what we saw were two teams without so much creativity and struggling to find spaces in front of the strong opponents. One of the main chances happens to Carli, after crossing.

More open

After stopping the game so that players could hydrate themselves, the game changed a bit of scenery. Both Remo and Botafogo managed to take more danger – Marco Antônio almost scored a nice goal for Alvinegro, and Gedoz tried to win the Olympics.

different start

On the way back from halftime, the teams gave signs that they could liven up the fans’ night. Early on, clear chances and more consistent moves. On the other hand, more stuck due to faults.

celebration and lamentation

Warley receives assistance after scoring Botafogo's goal against Remo, for the Brazilian Series B - Fernando Torres/AGIF - Fernando Torres/AGIF
Image: Fernando Torres/AGIF

Botafogo opened the scoring with Warley, who took advantage of Pedro Castro’s cross and shook the net after two attempts. The attacker, however, didn’t even manage to celebrate. As soon as he hit the goal, he fell on the pitch accusing severe cramps and was helped by his teammates. He still returned to the game, but minutes later asked for a replacement.

Quick answer

Alvinegro was still celebrating when Remo almost tied when Thiago Ennes crossed and Lucas headed it, making the ball explode on the crossbar. Felipe Conceição’s team, even, became more insinuating and managed to “push” Botafogo.

Almost in stoppage time, a new ball on the crossbar in the goal defended by Diego Loureiro. This time, Jefferson scared you.


In the last move of the game, Remo had a sequence of chances in the area and, in the “hit and rebate”, Diego Loureira made a great save, the players from Alvinegro made the cuts, and the tie did not come out.


Competition: Brazilian Championship Series B
Local: Baenão, in Belém (PA)
Day: September 4, 2021, Saturday
Schedule: 7:30 pm
Referee: Wilton Pereira Sampaio (GO)
assistants: Wilton Pereira Sampaio (GO) and Hugo Savio Xavier Correa (GO)
VAR: Leone Carvalho Rocha (GO)
yellow cards: Felipe Gedoz, Felipe Conceição (technician), Victor Andrade (REM); Rafael Moura, Diego Loureiro, Romildo (BOT)
Red card:-
goals: Warley, from Botafogo, at 19’/2ºT

rowing: Vinícius, Thiago Ennes, Rafael Jansen, Marlon and Igor Fernandes (Wallace); Anderson Uchoa, Lucas Siqueira (Ronald), Arthur (Jefferson) and Felipe Gedoz (Tiago Mafra); Victor Andrade and Matheus Oliveira (Rafinha). Technician: Felipe Conceição

Botafogo: Diego Loureiro, Daniel Borges, Kanu, Joel Carli and Jonathan Silva (Carlinhos); Barreto, Pedro Castro (Romildo) and Chay (Ênio); Marco Antônio (Luiz Henrique), Warley (Luís Oyama) and Rafael Moura. Technician: Enderson Moreira