Who is André Luiz Frambach, new love of Larissa Manoela

Despite being only 20 years old and standing out for her work as an actress, Larissa Manoela she is also often cited for her love relationships. The redhead was single since February this year, when she broke up with Leo City. By taking on the new love, André Luiz Frambach, the actress confirmed the suspicions that had been around since they acted together in the movie “Airplane Mode”, released in January of last year.

Caught together on Barra da Tijuca beach, in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro, the two say they are getting to know each other better. But, for a large part of the public that still doesn’t know André very well, here’s a brief bio of the boy!

He was born in the city of Niterói, in the Oceanic Region of Rio de Janeiro. To 24 years old, André Luiz Frambach he has been working as an actor since the age of 9, when he made his debut in theatre. A year later, he arrived on TV playing the late singer Leandro, from the duo Leandro and Leonardo, in the special “Por Toda a Minha Vida”, shown in 2007.

The following year, he was in “Queridos Amigos”, “Duas Caras” (first phase), “Ciranda de Pedra”, “A Favorita” and also participated in the “Dancinha dos Famosos”.

The big chance, however, only came in 2018: André gave life to Márcio, one of the main characters of “Malhação: Vidas Brasileiras”.

It was in the teenage plot that he met and fell in love with Rayssa Bratilieri, taking over the relationship in January 2019. They spent two years together and ended in June this year.

At the time of the breakup, the two used their social networks to tell fans about the breakup. “Today we are here with an open heart to say that we are no longer dating. We’re just great and good friends again. Cycles start and end and it is necessary to know how to see and respect their endings. We started to see that some goals and dreams of our lives were diverging and we made the decision to follow their path”.

On TV, the latest work by Andrew it was like Julinho from “We were Six”. In 2022, he will be one of the protagonists of “Cara e Coragem”, a plot that Cláudia Souto writes for the 7pm range.

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In 2020, Larissa Manoela and André Luis Frambach they formed a couple in the film “Modo Avião”, by Netflix. André assured Quem magazine that there was nothing between them at the time.

“When the rumors came out, there was absolutely nothing between us. Afterwards, we got together to talk about the movie Modo Avião and kill the crowd’s nostalgia”.

“You never hear betrayal, there was always a lot of respect in my relationship with Rayssa.”

Recently, Andrew published a video with Larissa Manoela recalling the long and won cheering by the couple in the comments.

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“The couple I’ve dreamed of since ‘Airplane Mode,’” wrote a follower. “I thought they had entered into a relationship,” commented another.

Larissa it was also present in the comments of the publication in question: “hahaha is that when we get together, we remember these amazing characters!”.



Tata Werneck he showed that he is always supporting his family in their projects. The comedian caught fans by surprise by sharing photos from the rehearsal of Rafael Vitti and Larissa Manoela, who will make a romantic pair in the next of Globo’s six soap operas, Além da Ilusão, and praise the couple on social networks.

“I already love this couple. Getting started,” she wrote in Instagram Stories, with a black and white photo of Larissa and Rafa holding hands and wearing a protective mask during rehearsals for the new work.

“In the immensity of the gaze and in pandemic times…Beyond the Illusion”, wrote Larissa, who also released clicks with other actors in the plot, such as Marcello Novaes, malu galli, Paloma Duarte and Danilo Mesquita. “It’s going to be beautiful!”, Danilo commented. “It’s been beautiful!!!”, wrote Rafa Vitti.


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