Without crying, Marcos Mion debuts at Caldeirão with an eye on the biggest boom of the year · TV News

Globo did well in the audience with the debut of Marcos Mion in command of Caldeirão this Saturday (4). Very excited, Mion managed rates higher than almost all editions of Caldeirão do Huck (2000-2021) presented this year. The only one that surpassed its preliminary data was precisely the one that marked Luciano Huck’s farewell, last week.

According to previous audience data, obtained by the TV news, the new attraction scored 15.6 points on average, with peaks of 18.0 in Greater São Paulo. At the same time, Record scored 4.6 points. Band, with Brasil Urgente, came in third with 3.3. SBT took fourth place with 3.0 points.

Over the past four weekends, Caldeirão recorded an average of 13.5 points. In other words, Mion’s debut achieved a 15.5% increase in time — from 4:30 pm to 6:37 pm.

The farewell of Luciano Huck, last week, got 15.7 points. Considering that Mion’s 15.6 is prior data, he still has a chance of surpassing the former owner of the band in the consolidated numbers.

The great peak of the program happened in the Isto a Globo Mostra frame, in the final moments of the attraction. With Mion commenting on funny moments from the network, Caldeirão reached 18.0 points, which is equivalent to 3.6 million people following Marcos Mion only in the largest metropolis in the country.

In Rio de Janeiro, the numbers were even better. Caldeirão com Mion scored 16.6 points, with peaks of 19. Record and SBT equaled the second position with 3.0 points.