“You realized that things are not going very well”; medallion wanted by Abel at Palmeiras opens its doors to hear proposals on the market

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The scenario for the player has not yet been defined and, thus, he is already starting to look at invitations more closely; decision will remain with Leila Pereira, if she is elected

Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF


Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF

Palmeiras continues training with a view to the confrontation against the Flamengo, at Allianz Parque, for the Brazilian Championship. It’s a long-awaited confrontation, as they are two giant teams fighting for the same titles this season. In the first round, Rubro-Negro won and, therefore, Abel Ferreira wants to beat the Cariocas at home.

Off the field, a situation that has been reverberating quite on social networks among palmeira fans is about the future of Felipe Melo. In recent days, the medallion gave interviews to the Argentine press and its name was once again speculated to play in local football. In Verdão, Galiotte has already said that the athlete’s cycle is over and leaves the decision to the future new president.

Journalist Jorge Nicola published a video this Sunday (5th) and said that the defender has already realized that the scenery is not very favorable to him in Verdão, so he has been trying to ‘dig’ space in other teams. For now, the future of Pitbull remains undefined.

As Felipe Melo noticed that things are not going very well, he has been trying to make space. How would his situation in Argentina be? In addition to Boca Juniors, Felipe Melo got another ‘invitation’: after this interview, Verón, Estudiantes’ first vice-president, received the invitation.”; informed.

Felipe Melo wants to renew for two more seasons, something that Verdão will hardly offer to extend his contract. Thus, the steering wheel is open to hear offers and never hid the dream of playing in Argentina’s football, especially in Boca Juniors.