‘You will have a better life,’ says military man who took care of the baby passed to Americans in Afghanistan

Soldiers hold baby being passed over fence
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Baby was passed by the family in a moment of despair after taking Kabul

British military man Ben Caesar was one of those responsible for taking care of the baby passed to American soldiers after the Taliban took Kabul. The girl’s family delivered her over the wall at the capital’s airport amidst scenes of chaos as hundreds of people tried to leave Afghanistan.

“The girl was actually in very good health when we took care of her. Obviously she was a little distressed about being separated from her family and given to strangers, but she was in better health than many of the other children we took care of.” said Caesar in an interview with the BBC.

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Caesar was part of the team that took care of the children who fled the Taliban in Kabul

The military has experience with young children – he is the father of a child about the same age as the girl.

“I have a 14-month-old baby and I’ve also done this before, I have a 16-year-old son,” Caesar told the BBC. “So I have a little experience taking care of babies.”