‘You’ll have a better life,’ says military man who took care of baby passed to Americans in Afghanistan | World

“The girl was actually in great health when we took care of her. Of course she was a little distressed at being separated from her family and given to strangers, but she was in better health than many of the other children we cared for.“Caesar said in an interview with the BBC.

The military has experience with young children – he is the father of a child about the same age as the girl. “I have a 14-month-old baby and I’ve also done this before, I have a 16-year-old son,” Caesar told the BBC. “So ti have a bit of experience taking care of babies. We, as a group, managed to calm her down.“, said Caesar.

Soldier Ben Caesar, in an interview with the BBC — Photo: BBC/Reprodução

“One of my classmates had fed the girl and changed her diapers, so I knew she wasn’t hungry, she wasn’t dirty, but she wasn’t calming down,” she says. “So noWe rocked her and walked with her until she was more comfortable, and after that she looked a little happier..”

Afghanistan: Baby rescued at the airport wall in Kabul is handed over to parents

Afghanistan: Baby rescued at the airport wall in Kabul is handed over to parents

Caesar was part of a military medical team that was responsible for the children’s well-being who were without their parents in the US-controlled part of Kabul airport. “For us who have children and were on this mission, it is heartbreaking to see these children in a situation of discomfort.. But we knew they were going to a better place and will have a better life,” said the military.

Our Norwegian and American colleagues were incredibly welcoming to the kids, helping them to move on and go to Norway or the United States, where many were reunited with their families, who had managed to flee,” said Caesar.