Young man jumps out of the window to run away from sex traffickers

A 19-year-old girl was seriously injured after p.Using a window to escape from sex traffickers who “tortured” her, as she informed a team of paramedics who came to her rescue.

The incident took place in the city of Antalya (Turkey) last Thursday (2/9).

Terrible images showed the moment when Sirin NE threw himself out of a window at a height of 10 meters (equivalent to the third floor of a building) to escape from your kidnappers.

Initially, in the video, Sirin was seen hanging in the window asking for help. Without understanding the danger that the young woman was in, people in the street tried to convince the young woman to go back inside the apartment.

Moments later Sirin jumped into a parked car before landing on the asphalt.

Police are investigating the case, according to “Sun”. The kidnappers, who, according to the young woman, were of Iranian origin, were not located.

Scene from ‘horror movie’: girl gets her head stuck in the roof of her house. Like this?

Girl gets her head stuck from the roof of her house and needs rescue
Girl gets her head stuck in the roof of her house and needs rescue Photo: Reproduction/YouTube

Below, see the video (STRONG IMAGES):

There is no updated information on Sirin’s health status.