Zé Felipe talks about sex with Virgínia: ‘Slap, step on the head’

Leonardo Zé Felipe’s son, 23, and his wife, the influencer Virgínia Fonseca, 22, made confessions about their sex life while participating in a battery of videos by the YouTuber Matheus Mazzafera.

Asked by youtuber if they had an intimate nickname, the couple amended a conversation about sexual moments.

“Slap, hanging, it has everything. Stomp on the head,” said the singer, laughing. Virginia laughed too, but tried to cut the subject off. “José, it’s heavy, José.” “There has to be, right,” continued Zé.

“I hope my mother doesn’t see it,” Virginia joked, while her husband added: “That sniffle like that…”

Matheus Mazzafera got into the matter and, upon revealing a recent sexual experience, joked with Virgínia: “I’ve never been stepped on the head. You’re not judging my tastes, not that you also have some.”

The couple also confessed that, between “love” or “wild”, they prefer both.

Asked about the maximum number of times they had sex in a day, they did not reach a consensus, but spoke between 3 and 4 times.

Zé and Virgínia also confessed that the first time happened right after the first kiss. However, they “disagreeed” with the time. Zé said it happened half an hour later, while Virginia joked that it was after two hours.’