3 stocks for up to 2.90% winning chances on this September 7th Holiday Splice – Money Times

Suzano SUZB3
Highlight: Suzano is the paper with the greatest potential for high today, among those indicated by BTG (Image: Reproduction/Suzano)

With the B3 (B3SA3) operating normally on Monday (6), the eve of Independence Day, it is possible to risk a shot to win up to 2.90%. At least, this is the profit projection of the operations recommended by the graphic design team at BTG Pactual (BPAC11).

As with any investment, remember that stocks involve risk and therefore there is no guarantee of a return. Also pay attention to the indicated stop points – those where the investment loss becomes uninteresting and it’s time to exit.

Finally, check out the investment methodology recommended by the bank.

CompanyCodeEntry (BRL)1st Target (BRL)High potential (%)2nd Target (BRL)High Potential (%)Stop (BRL)

BTG Methodology: An asset with a suggested buy that has the opening above the entry point should be discarded, as well as an asset with a suggested sell that has the opening of the day below the entry point. Upon reaching the partial, the operation must be reduced by 50% and the stop adjusted to the entry point. The stop should only be considered after opening a position. The quotation during the trading session at this point (stop suggested), without the transaction being open, does not invalidate it.


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