32-inch TV: seven smart options to buy for up to R$1,800 in 2021 | Which one to buy?

The LG LM627B brings ThinQ technology, which allows the TV to connect to other devices for around R$ 1,580. Check out seven options for 32-inch smart TVs for up to R$1,800 to buy in Brazil in 2021.

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32-inch TVs: list brings together smart options with the lowest price at R$ 1,349 — Photo: Beatriz Cardoso/TechTudo

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The AOC Roku 32S5195 is a 32 inch smart TV with HD resolution. The model promises image quality with crisp, vivid colors. During movies and series, the display with LED technology can make the dark spots on the screen even more intense, without losing the realism of the scenes. The TV also features a design with rounded black support feet. To buy this TV, you need to pay around R$ 1,349.

The remote control can be a highlight, as it offers redirect buttons for Globoplay, Netflix, Deezer and Dazn. AOC’s operating system is Roku, which still provides the Roku Mobile app to use the smartphone as a controller.

AOC Roku TV allows access to applications such as Netflix, YouTube and Globoplay — Photo: Thayna Souza/TechTudo

The Philco 32N5SE10H model offers HD resolution and can fit the most basic 32-inch smart TVs. A differential, according to the brand, is the D-LED technology, which offers more points of light on the screen and realistic colors for any video. Although it has a Wi-Fi connection, the model also offers a digital converter. This means that it is possible to connect an antenna and watch open channels in your region. The value of this television is around R$1,449.

The Android TV operating system is used on Philco devices and allows apps such as Netflix, Prime Video or Globoplay to be accessed directly on the TV. On the remote itself you can find the redirect button for these three applications, in addition to YouTube.

Philco 32N5SE10H offers D-Led technology — Photo: Press Release/Philco

The 32 inch TCL 32S6500 smart TV was developed with HD resolution and LED display. To make the image quality even more refined, the company chose to add HDR and Micro Dimming technologies. This combination promises scenes with more contrast and even more enhanced black colors. Consumers can purchase the TV for around R$1,499.

The TCL model also supports the Google Assistant virtual assistant to command the TV by voice. Regarding the operating system, it brings Android TV, which offers the main streaming platforms for movies and series. On the control itself, you can click on the Netflix and Globoplay buttons.

TCL 32S6500 brings HDR and Micro Dimming technologies — Photo: Disclosure/TCL

The LG LM627B is a 32-inch smart TV with HD resolution that can stand out for its HDR technology. The company promises image quality equal to a Full HD television thanks to the HDR10 function. In addition, the model is also equipped with LED display and design with fine finish that can make the environment more elegant. This model is sold for values ​​from R$ 1,599.

ThinQ AI technology allows the TV to connect with any other smart device in the house, such as a Google Assistant or Alexa. The WebOS operating system provides the main applications for movies and series, in addition to the control comes with the keys for Netflix and Prime Video.

LG LM627B brings HDR10 technology and WebOS operating system — Photo: Press Release/LG

Multilaser developed the 32 inch smart TV TL020 with HD resolution. It also features LED display to give more contrast and sharpness while displaying videos on screen. However, the model does not offer any other function to optimize image quality. The TL020 can be purchased for figures starting from R$ 1,599.

The Linux operating system makes available some streaming platforms such as Prime Video and Netflix. However, Globoplay is left out of the list. For those who want to put digital TV, the model has a converter for the antenna.

32-inch Smart TV from Multilaser offers the Linux operating system — Photo: Disclosure/Multilaser

Model SEMP 32S5300 is also configured with HD resolution, but offers HDR to make the image sharper and more contrasting. In addition, Micro Dimming technology can make dark tones even stronger and deliver cinema experience inside your home. The built-in Google Assistant allows voice command devices to be connected to the device. The TV can be found for around R$1,599.

With the Android TV operating system, the main apps are available for download. On the remote control, Netflix and Globoplay buttons are present to redirect the user faster.

SEMP S5300 brings Android TV and allows you to download the main streaming platforms — Photo: Divulgação/SEMP TCL

The Samsung LH32BETBLGGXZD has HD resolution and LED display. These settings promise vivid color images during movies and series, plus sharper scenes. The HDR function can further enhance and make screen tones brighter and more contrasting. To buy it, you need to pay R$ 1,799.

With Tizen operating system, all streaming platforms are available for downloading and watching on TV. However, the remote control is simple, with no redirect buttons for the most famous apps.

Samsung’s 32-inch Smart TV has HD resolution and Tizen operating system — Photo: Press Release/Samsung

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