38-year-old influencer is stabbed to death by her husband in Valinhos; the couple’s daughter was also attacked | Campinas and Region

An 38-year-old digital influencer was stabbed to death by her husband in an apartment in the Ribeiro neighborhood, in Valinhos (SP), on Sunday night (5). According to the Municipal Guard, the man, who still tried to attack the couple’s daughter, then killed himself.

Bruna Quirino had 25,400 followers on Instagram and was an influencer of fashion, beauty and hair. She also taught Zumba classes at an academy in Valinhos. The Municipal Guard, which was the first to arrive at the incident, stated that it was called around 11 pm to deal with a couple’s fight, but when it arrived, the woman was already dead, with her husband’s body beside her.

Also according to the corporation, their 20-year-old daughter overheard her parents’ fight, left the room and saw her mother stabbed. The father still tried to go after her, but the young woman locked herself in the room. The victim still left the apartment and tried to seek help after being stabbed, but fell on the steps of the building. Subsequently, the husband committed suicide.

THE daughter was in shock and had to be sent to the UPA in Valinhos. She was discharged and returned to the residence. The Municipality of Valinhos made itself available if she chooses to undergo psychological follow-up in the municipality’s public network.

on Sunday afternoon, hours before she was murdered, the woman made a string of posts showing that she was going to record videos for her YouTube channel. On social networks, she made several recordings to tell about her routine, including many participations from her husband. On your Instagram profile, Rodrigo Quirino, 40 years old, defined himself as “married, father, family and happy”.

According to the Public Security Secretariat (SSP-SP), the knife and the two cell phones were seized. THE occurrence was recorded as homicide, suicide and domestic violence. The case will be investigated by the 1st Police District of Valinhos.

Bruna Quirino posted many photos with her husband on social networks — Photo: Reproduction

Bruna Quirino was stabbed to death by her husband in Valinhos — Photo: Personal archive

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