After 39 years in a coma, former French defender Jean-Pierre Adams dies

Credit: Reproduction/Social Media

Jean was left in a coma after knee surgery (Photo: Reproduction) (Credit: Reproduction/Social Networks)

French football is mourning the death of former national team defender Jean-Pierre Adams, this Monday, aged 73. The player had been in a coma since March 17, 1982, after being the victim of an error in the application of anesthesia during an operation he would do on his knee in a hospital in Lyon. The dosage applied was wrong.

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Born in Senegal, Jean-Pierre Adams landed in France in 1958, at the age of ten. As a professional, he defended Nimes Olympique, Nice, Paris Saint-Germain, as well as Mulhouse and Chalonnais. In the French team, he appeared in calls between 1972 and 1976, accumulating 22 matches played. He formed a successful defense duo with Maurius Trésor.

On March 17, 1982, at the age of 34, Adams was to be operated on for a torn ligament in the knee, but he ended up being the victim of an error in the application of anesthesia. The incident left him in a vegetative state and put him in a coma until his death nearly four decades later. During this period, Bernadette, his wife, accompanied Jean-Pierre Adams, always hoping to see him wake up.

“Nobody forgets to give gifts to Jean-Pierre, whether on his birthday, Christmas or Father’s Day,” his wife said in an interview with CNN. in 2020. “We buy gifts like a t-shirt or a sweater because I wear it in your bed. He changes his clothes every day”, he continued at the time. The former player spent his days in an adapted bed.

Nimes Olympique, Nice, Paris Saint-Germain and other clubs he defended posted on Monday to honor him.

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