After accusation of treason, Jojo Todynho’s affair defends himself: ‘I am free and single’ | celebrities

Jojo Todynho, Marcio Felipe and Izabelle Branquinhoreproduction

Posted 05/09/2021 12:41 | Updated 09/05/2021 12:53 PM

Rio – Jojo Todynho’s new affair is causing a stir. After telling that he is in a new relationship and the name of Marcio Felipe is revealed, the ex-girlfriend of the Bahian accused him of betrayal, because, according to her, they were together at the time the artist opened the news to the world. This Saturday night, it was his turn to defend himself against his ex’s accusations.

“So, before all these assumptions gain much more strength and end up harming not only me, but my family, the people around me, the person I relate to, just make it clear here that I’m free . If I’m free and single, I have the right to fall in love and be happy with anyone else,” he said in videos shared in Instagram stories.

“Man, in today’s times, it turns out that hate has much more force than love, be careful with the information that you replicate, because many times it’s information with the sole purpose of harming the other, false information. It seems that being happy ends up bothering a little”, he added.

Jojo Todynho also manifested himself in Instagram stories. “I’ve never had to sleep with anyone’s male! Even because I have the man I want, the time I want… Respect me. You people who go on social networks call me names. If there’s one thing I know how to be, it’s bitch and slut. I teach in these areas and I don’t need to hang out with anyone’s male. The person walks with a billboard. I didn’t know that ‘gay’ was a boyfriend and I’m a single woman. I met the most worthy bachelor. give satisfaction in my life,” he completed.
On Friday, he had already blocked the comments on his social network and triggered an indirect. “The human being is very dirty, right? My God… Be careful what you say about others”, he wrote, on the same date that the carioca manicurist Izabelle Branquinho reported that the funkeira’s current boyfriend was, until then, your affair. To back up her lines, she shared a series of conversations and photos with the boy.