After routine examinations, Pelé is admitted to a hospital in the city of São Paulo.

Former player Pelé is hospitalized at the Albert Einstein hospital, located in the South Zone of São Paulo. At 80 years old, the idol of Santos and the Brazilian team went through Routine tests last week, but the cause of the hospitalization has not yet been disclosed.

Five days ago, through his official Instagram profile, with more than 7 million followers, Pelé published a message to deny an alleged fainting. He guaranteed to be healthy and, in a good-humored tone, warned that he would not play the next game.

“Guys, I didn’t pass out and I’m in very good health. I went for my routine exams, which I had not been able to do before because of the pandemic. Let me know I’m not playing next Sunday!” says the post, also published in English and accompanied by a photo of the smiling star.

Pelé turns 81 years old on October 23 and has been hampered by hip problems, a situation that has already led to the use of a wheelchair. The expectation is that the cause of the hospitalization of the former Santos and Seleção player will be officially announced this Monday.

(Photo: Disclosure/Fifa)

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