Airplane with acrobat on the wing falls into the sea during festival in England

One plane that carried an acrobat (known as wing walker) on the wing fell into the sea when he was participating, on Saturday morning, in an air show in Bournemouth (England).

The accident took place in front of hundreds of shocked witnesses at the Bournemouth Air Festival, with spectators saying it was a “miracle” that the duo has survived.

The pilot and acrobat were rescued by a boat. they only had minor injuries.

Airplane with acrobat crashes into the sea in England
Airplane with acrobat falls into the sea in England Photo: Reproduction/Twitter

A video taken by security camera shows the moment when the small aircraft hits the water before overturning in the Sandbanks area of ​​Poole Harbour. watch:

In the images, a person can be seen witnessing the accident in a parking lot and apparently making a phone call. Shortly after the accident, two small boats passed the plane. Another video shows the pilot and the wing walker screaming for help after the fall.