Anvisa ‘player of the game’? Brazil x Argentina strike becomes meme

Making Gabigol expand his offensive power became a challenge for Tite in the Brazilian team. On the eve of the team facing Argentina this Sunday (5), at Neo Química Arena, at 4 pm (GMT), the commander is looking to find new ways for the shirt 9 to match. However, scaling it to build plays is still controversial. While the striker is Flamengo’s top scorer in the Copa Libertadores (with ten goals scored), his numbers in Tite’s cycle do not have the same impact. So far, there are 13 games and three goals scored. Even so, Gabigol highlights the way he plays for the team. “Of course there’s the player’s intuition, but things are coached, we receive many videos and there’s a lecture. I knew that there was a space that I could take advantage of, so I was able to hold the ball and saw Danilo’s passing, who does it like nobody, and we managed to create the goal play”, and he pointed out: “At Flamengo and here (in the national team) I have the same freedom to float not only inside the area, but also on the right side where I like to play. , help my teammates, and I was very happy for the goal of Everton (Ribeiro) – he added, referring to the goal of the victory by 1-0 over Chile”, pointed out the forward. In addition to acting at the ends, the need for rapport is an obstacle. “Of course it’s different, at the club we have daily life, we get to know each other. Particularly I’ve been playing in the same team for three years, it’s obvious that there’s a difference. But even with little training we’re improving, gaining sequence and individual quality it helps a lot. Little by little we help each other on the field,” concluded Gabigol. Tite spoke about the variations that Flamengo’s forward has been having on the field for the Brazilian team and stressed that he wants to take advantage of the athlete’s best qualities. “I made a note about Gabigol and wrote freedom. We accompanied Gabi in Flamengo, in Santos, in the clashes. He needs space to move, if it’s just the pivot, I’ll remove better characteristics. There will be a coach who wants him to do what he doesn’t do. I give this freedom of movement. At Santos, the origin was external, to have all these movements of freedom of movement. It’s not the whole field, it’s center-right, where you feel better. area,” declared the coach.