Argentina can be punished with WO and even excluded from the qualifiers

The stoppage of the match between Brazil and Argentina, this Sunday (5th), at Neo Química Arena, for the South American Qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup, could be costly for visitors. That’s because the Hermanos can even be eliminated by FIFA from the qualifying competition.

If the governing body of football considers that the Argentines left the field and refused to play, the team could suffer a 3-0 defeat by WO Ultimately, however, the text of the rule dictates that even exclusion can occur . If that happens, the country would not automatically qualify for the Cup in Qatar.

According to the acting president of the Brazilian Football Confederation, Ednaldo Rodrigues, Anvisa, soon after paralyzing the confrontation to remove irregular players from the field, warned that the game could restart, and the athletes would be deported soon after the clash. Even so, the Argentines decided to leave the field and suspend the match.

This Sunday (5), Anvisa held a meeting with health authorities and confirmed, after consulting the passports of Argentines Martinez, Buendia, Lo Celso and Romero, that the athletes violated the rule for the entry of travelers into Brazil. People with passage through the United Kingdom, South Africa, Northern Ireland and India are prevented from entering Brazilian soil.

After the entry of Anvisa representatives on the field, the Argentina team left the field and headed to the locker rooms.