Argentine national team can win 3 game points against Brazil, says website

The Argentine national team can get the 3 points – Photo: Reproduction

The AFA is very calm about the Argentine team leaving the Neo Química Arena. According to Diário Clarín, Lionel Messi’s team received guarantees from Conmebol so that the four players could take the field. However, Anvisa asked for the deportation of the athletes for lying in the health documentation.

The Argentines went to the locker room after the Anvisa agent stopped the match. Without the four players, the other athletes decided not to face Brazil and left. Unlike what many imagine, the federation of the neighboring country is convinced that it will have the points of confrontation.

One of the points that gives them this confidence is that the arbitration stated that there was a “force majeure suspension for invasion of unauthorized persons”. They also gave favorable examples to the Argentines, as in the Libertadores of 2015 and 2018.

The allegation used by Conmebol is that the host has to guarantee the safety of the participants. And what happened today was in the field of the Brazilian team. But the South American confederation informed that FIFA is responsible for the tournament.

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Brazil and Argentina can be rescheduled

Diário Clarín does not rule out the possibility of the game being rescheduled. However, he emphasizes that, if this does not occur, the tendency is for the Brazilian team to be punished and lose points in the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers.