Argentines could use ordinance to play, but chose to omit the case – 05/09/2021

The four Argentine players who passed through England before representing Argentina in today’s match (5) for the World Cup qualifiers could have used a special government decree to be able to play against Brazil in São Paulo.

This same ordinance had already been offered by the government to the CBF for athletes who were called up and belong to English teams. Names like Roberto Firmino, Richarlison and Gabriel Jesus, for example, would not need to be quarantined when arriving in Brazil.

This same ordinance has already been used by the Brazilian team on other occasions and imposes conditions such as a sanitary bubble monitored by the authorities and tests carried out every 48 hours. With it, athletes are able to circumvent the restriction that is imposed on anyone, whether Brazilian or foreign, when entering Brazil if they have passed through England, South Africa, Northern Ireland and India.

In this case, the ordinance did not need to be used by the CBF because the English teams decided, as a block, to bar the athletes’ presentation and did not find resistance from the players.

The big question is that the AFA (Argentine Football Association) and the players chose not to notify the Brazilian authorities of this situation, as Anvisa also confirmed in an interview with Globo.

As a result, goalkeeper Emiliano Martínez, defender Cristian Romero, defensive midfielder Lo Celso and attacking midfielder Emiliano Buendía are unable to enter the country.

Earlier, CBF and Conmebol had acted with the Government to allow the game to happen, but Anvisa did not agree with the measures.

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