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The love for drawing began as a distraction in the childhood of artist Ana Clara Martorano, from Jundiaí (SP), who went viral on the internet by drawing the faces of artists and athletes using the writing of their names. Personalities such as skateboarder Rayssa Leal, DJ Alok, ex-BBB Juliette and singer Anitta thanked the artist for her tribute through social networks.

To G1, Ana Clara recalls that the long-term treatment for a motor disease prevented her from playing with her friends, as she needed to use a wheelchair. In art, he found a distraction to overcome adversity.

“I had an orthopedic treatment on my left leg due to a pyoarthritis I had while in hospital, as soon as I was born. The disease ended up causing a sequel to the growth of my leg and I had to undergo a long bone lengthening treatment, where I had to do numerous surgeries and using a wheelchair until I was 14 years old to get around. As I couldn’t play and run, I found myself drawing and painting,” she says.

An artist from the interior of SP goes viral by drawing celebrities' faces with writing

An artist from the interior of SP goes viral by drawing celebrities’ faces with writing

Recovered, the artist leads a normal life and keeps the habit of drawing. At the beginning of the pandemic, having the need to stay at home, he sought inspiration on the internet to innovate in the lines of his drawings. From then on, the artist began to form portraits of the personalities by sequentially writing the name or nickname of the person being honored.

“I was very idle at the beginning of the pandemic and I saw a video on the internet with drawings of objects and fruits made with writing. I thought about making this drawing model, but using images of faces, I was curious and I did Will Smith to train and put it on on my social networks. The guys liked the drawing and were asking for more, when I started recording videos showing the production of the drawing and comparing it to the original photo”, he explains.

During her childhood, Ana Clara treated pyoarthritis and sought a form of distraction in drawing, as she couldn’t play with her friends. — Photo: Personal Archive

The repercussion was so great that the artist is doing work for the Rock in Rio festival on social media. She will make drawings by participating artists.

Ana Clara also says that some famous honorees found out about the tribute and thanked the gesture of affection through social networks.

“I’m doing art for Rock in Rio, one of them is Justin Bieber’s. It’s surreal to see the work being recognized by the artists I admire. Many of them with millions of followers, who promote my work. It was unbelievable when it arrived at Alok, Anitta and Ronaldinho Gaúcho, I never imagined I would make it to them. I was very happy when he arrived at Rayssa Leal, he also arrived at Whindersson Nunes and he was very humble.”

“I also drew a picture of Messi when he arrived at Paris Saint Germain, I really wanted the tribute to come to him, but it is difficult because of his gigantic size and the fact that he is not Brazilian. I intend to draw Neymar in a larger size in the future. When. to finish, I’m really looking forward to having a friend make it to him,” he says.

Designer Ana Clara Martorano, from Jundiaí, uses writing to give shape to portraits of personalities. — Photo: Personal Archive

Artist makes drawings of famous people with writing — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Ana Clara explains that each drawing takes between 25 and 40 hours to complete, depending on the complexity of the image and the proportion of the drawing. In addition to this process, she also works on recording and editing videos to publish on her social networks, where she accumulates more than 795,000 followers.

“I make a sketch of the person’s photo and use guidelines, in this I see the area that has more incidences of light and shadow in the photo. I also see the lighter and darker areas, I do the pointilism technique with the letters and then I do it the layers of words that form the light and dark of the image and end up forming the person”, he concludes.

Ana Clara designed the G1 logo using the writing method to form the image. — Photo: Personal Archive

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