Avaí x Vasco: see where to watch, squads, embezzlement and arbitration | brazilian series b

The game will not be attended by the public due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the protocol defined by the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF).

Ressacada receives Avaí x Vasco — Photo: EDUARDO VALENTE/ISHOOT/ESTADÃO CONTEÚDO

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O Hawaii they haven’t won in three matches and come from a draw against Brusque, with the right to a lost penalty and one more player for a good part of the game. Now, against Vasco, Leão da Ilha wants to rediscover the path of victories to get closer to the G-4 of Segundona. The Azzurri team is in eighth place, with 34 points, and can reduce the difference for the access group.

O Vasco tied with Brasil-RS on the sixth and, therefore, failed to score the second consecutive victory with Lisca in the competition. The confrontation on soil in Santa Catarina is seen as decisive, after all, the team is in ninth place, with 34 points.

Streaming: Sportv e Premiere, with narration by Luiz Carlos Jr. and comments by Pedrinho, PC Vasconcellos and Salvio Spínola.

Avaí – Technician: Claudinei Oliveira

Coach Claudinei Oliveira will have two suspensions in this round. Midfielders Lourenço and Valdívia received the third yellow card and are out. On the other hand, defender Betão, the first-team player for the season, returns after being suspended in the last round.

Probable team: Gledson; Edílson (Diego Renan), Alemão (Rafael Pereira), Concrete and João Lucas; Bruno Silva, Marcos Serrato and Vinícius Leite; Rômulo, Copete and Getúlio.

Embezzlement: Vinícius Jaú and Renato (medical department); Lourenço and Valdívia (suspended).

Hanging: Diego Renan, Getúlio, Iury, Jean Cléber, Jean Martim, Marcos Serrato and Wesley.

Probable Avaí against Vasco — Photo: ge

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Lisca had little time to train the team after the draw with Brasil-RS. Morato has a chance to play as a starter again. Romulo is another possibility of return. In addition, Bruno Gomes has returned to be related and should start at the bank.

Probable lineup: Vanderlei; Leo Matos, Miranda, Leandro Castan and Zeca; Andrey, Caio Lopes (Romulo) and Marquinhos Gabriel; Morato (Pec), Cano and Léo Jabá.

who is out: Ernando, Michel, Sarrafiore. All in physical recovery.

hanging: Daniel Amorim, Bruno Gomes and Juninho.

Probable casting of Vasco against Avaí — Photo: ge

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  • Referee: Paulo Roberto Alves Junior (PR)
  • Assistant 1: Bruno Boschilia (PR)
  • Assistant 2: Weber Felipe Silva (PR)
  • Fourth Arbitrator: William Machado Steffen (SC)
  • Field Analyst: Fernando Lopes (SC)
  • Video Arbitrator: Adriano Milczvski (PR)
  • VAR Analyst: José Mendonça da Silva Junior (PR)
  • VAR Observer: Giulliano Bozzano (MG)