Bando invades MS airport and takes three planes from Almir Sater and politicians · Jornal Midiamax

Three aircraft were stolen during the early hours of Monday (6), in the hangar of Aquidauana airport, 135 kilometers from Campo Grande. The guard at the site was surrendered by the criminals.

According to the Mediamax Newspaper, approximately 18 criminals invaded the airport through the area known as Vila 40, cutting the fence around the site. The watchman and the two children were surrendered and forced to supply the aircraft that were in the airport hangar. The planes then took off. Witnesses reported hearing the noise of planes taking off.

The aircraft taken, according to ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency) records, belong to singer Almir Sater, cattleman Zelito Ribeiro, brother of Aquidauana mayor Odilon Ribeiro, and former mayor José Henrique Trindade.

The aircraft models and license plates are Bonanza V35B PT-ING, Cessna 182 PT-DST and Cessna 182 PT-KDI. Also according to the ANAC records consulted by the report, the three planes are in normal airworthiness status, that is, able to fly.

Teams from Dracco (Department of Corruption and Organized Crime) from Campo Grande are at the scene. O Mediamax Newspaper contacted the FAB (Brazilian Air Force), through the press office, for more details on possible monitoring of the airspace in search of the aircraft taken, and is awaiting their return.