Board still evaluates the market for possible reinforcements, says portal

Fluminense has until September 24 to register for the Brazilian Nationals (Photo: Mailson Santana – FFC)

The Fluminense cast is not 100% closed yet. The ge site reports that the board is cautious, but attentive to possible possibilities in the market. As the window for international transfers has already closed, if you hire someone, you will have to be from your own country or contract-free.

With the budget and deadline (you have until September 24 to register for the Brazilian) reduced, the priorities are a striker and a defensive midfielder.

Without great capacity to invest, the priority remains to hire free players in the market or at low cost. The acquisition of Jhon Arias for 600 thousand dollars (about R$ 3.1 million) is a good example.

In midfield, in addition to the trio of defensive midfielders (André, Martinelli and Yago), Nonato and Wellington are the options available to Marcão. The second, hired at the beginning of the year, has hardly been used: in the last ten games, he left the bench only against Inter, when he played in the final ten minutes. Hudson would be another name for the position, but he has been out of action since May and is still not expected to return.

Already in attack, the squad has four center forwards: Fred, Abel Hernández, Bobadilla and John Kennedy; and five other players “on the side”: Caio Paulista, Gabriel Teixeira, Jhon Arias, Lucca and Luiz Henrique. With Kayky’s early departure to England in recent days, the coaching staff lost an option; and Matheus Martins, despite having little action, is another alternative.