Bolsonaro government lets R$ 240 million in SUS inputs win | Brazil

Jair Bolsonaro (no party)
Disclosure/Planalto/Alan Santos/PR

Jair Bolsonaro (no party)

The Ministry of Health let a stock of vaccines, medicines, and other items that are valued at R$ 240 million expire. Due to logistical errors, states such as Bahia had a shortage of products. All expired inputs must be incinerated.

Among the medications are 820,000 insulin pens; 12 million vaccines for influenza, BCG, hepatitis B, chickenpox and other diseases; products intended for patients with hepatitis C, cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, transplant patients, among other situations. This stock is kept confidential, but the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper had access to the ministry’s tables.

At the end of August, Bahia’s health system warned of the lack of methotrexate, a drug used to treat some types of cancer. About 24,000 vials are expired and stored in the Bolsonaro government warehouse.

Government data show that more than R$ 32 million in medicines purchased by order of Justice must be incinerated. The SUS input cemetery is located in Garulhos, São Paulo. In it are stored 3.7 million items that started to expire more than three years ago. Most expired during the Bolsonaro government.

In May of this year, the Ministry of Health admitted to the Federal Public Ministry that there was a risk of losing millions of tests to identify Covid-19. About 2 million RT-PCR exams won. The material is valued at more than R$77 million.