Brazil beats Argentina and takes the South American – Web Vôlei

Brazil defeated Argentina by 3 sets to 1 – partial 25-17, 24-26, 25-18, 25-18 – this Sunday morning (05.09), at the Nilson Nelson Gym, in Brasília (DF), and won the title of the South American Men’s Volleyball Championship for the 33rd time in history. The Brazilian team has never lost a continental decision. Argentina’s only title was in 1964, an edition in which Brazil was not present. The Women’s South American Championship starts on the 15th, in Colombia.

The competition classified Brazil and Argentina for next year’s Worlds, in Russia. Even today, from 1pm, Colombia and Chile define third place. It was the first meeting between Brazilians and Argentines after the Green-Yellow defeat by 3-2 in the dispute for bronze, at the Tokyo Games, almost a month ago. It was the last competition in Brazil in 2021. Now, the focus is on the club season – State, Superliga, South American Club, Club World Cup and Copa Brasil.

Coach Renan Dal Zotto selected Brazil with: Bruninho, Alan, Lucarelli, Vaccari, Lucão, Isac and Thales, with Maique coming in to defend and playing a great game. He was voted best on court and won the Viva Vôlei Trophy. Alan was the game’s top scorer with 25 points.

– Being on the national team and representing Brazil is wonderful. Very exciting. We are very dedicated. Winning Argentina is always great. I want to thank you for the affection. I’m pretty agitated. I love what I do. Sometimes, even in sad moments, I’m trying to raise the energy of the crowd – said Maique.

The “newbies” of the group, in general, took advantage of the opportunity in the competition. Only 7 of the 12 players who were in the fourth place campaign in Tokyo were retained in the Sudamericana. The new faces were: Maique, the centrals Flávio and Cledenilson; the pointers Vaccari, Adriano and João Rafael and the opposite Abouba.

Brazil started well, imposing a strong rhythm in the serve in the first set and with Alan – natural substitute in the starting lineup of Wallace, retired from the Seleção – scoring well: there were 6 points in the first half. In the following set, however, the Argentines’ serve began to make a difference. They opened a good front in 22 to 19 and then in 24 to 22. Brazil came to tie, but the rivals were confident in the counterattacks to close in 26 to 24.

The home team started the third set well, making 5-2, with Alan again leading the attacks. But Argentina was, little by little, reacting in the match. It served well and the reception of the Brazilian team felt and lost the fast balls in the middle. With that, the hermanos started playing Brazilian attacks in blocking, taking advantage of the counterattacks with Nico Mendez – son of coach Marcelo Mendez, who started well from the second set – and turned in 9 to 8. Renan moved the team when the game was 15-14, putting Flávio in place of Isac and Adriano in place of Vaccari. Brazil grew in blockade and defense, opening a good front: 20 to 15 and taking off to close in 25 to 18.

Brazil had scored just four blocking points until the second set. In the next two, he scored 12 times on the foundation.

Adriano and Flávio were kept in the fourth set. The team started devastating and soon opened 7-1. But, again, the Argentines sought the score with adjustments in the blockade and playing with higher balls at the ends, without facing the Brazilian block. They touched 8-9. Brazil returned to the game, working better on the points, cushioning the balls in the block to score on counterattacks and open a great front, closing 25-18. Hegemony maintained, with 33 titles conquered in 33 participations .

Brazil: Bruninho, Alan, Lucarelli, Vaccari, Lucão, Isac and Thales. Entered: Maique, Flávio, Adriano and João Rafael. Coach: Renan Dal Zotto

Argentina: Sanchez, Bruno Lima, Palacios, Palonsky, Loser, Ramos and Danani. Entered: Balagué, Nico Mendez, Giraudo, Martinez. Coach: Marcelo Mendez