Brazilian title, semifinal: remember great games between Gois and Cruzeiro

(Photo: Jorge Gontijo/EM DA Press)

Cruise and Gois face off for the 57th time in history this Tuesday, at 9:30 pm, at the Serrinha stadium, in Goinia, for the 22nd round of the B Series of the Brazilian Championship. The current situation shows the home team fighting for access, in 4th place, with 38 points, while the miners are at the bottom of the ranking, in 15th, with 25.

Played since 1972, the match has a broadly favorable record in Raposa: 31 wins, 11 draws and 14 defeats, with 74 goals in favor and 53 against. Considering the ten recent matches, blue supremacy is even greater: eight wins, one draw and only one rev.

Among so many clashes, the supersports selected five episodes that certainly remained in the memory of heavenly fans and also of Esmeraldian fans:

‘Festival’ of expulsions (1979)

(Photo: State of Minas Archives)

The game between Gois and Cruzeiro, for Group H of the 1979 Brazilian Championship, was marked not only by the first emerald victory in the duel (3-1), but also by 14 expulsions due to a generalized fight at the Serra Dourada stadium. The story was recorded in Cruise Almanac, by journalist Henrique Ribeiro.

“The game did not reach its end after a general fight between the players. The referee from Rio de Janeiro Alusio Felisberto Silva sent off seven players on each side and called the match over 35 minutes into the second half. The score 3-1 in favor of Gois was maintained. It all started when the referee signaled a non-existent penalty for the team from Goiás, in the 16th minute of the game, which resulted in the equalizer. In the third goal of Gois, at 35 of the 2nd time, Ber attacked defender Marquinhos, from Cruzeiro, in front of the referee, who did nothing. The move revolted the Cruzeiro players, who left to fight. It was the only time Cruzeiro had seven players expelled in a match for the Brazilian Championship”.

Gois and Cruzeiro would meet again at the 1979 Brazilian Nationals – this time, without confusion. The teams tied 1-1, at Serra Dourada, for the third phase.

Invincibility Break (2000)

After debuting with a 2-0 defeat against Athletico-PR in Mineiro, Cruzeiro played 11 unbeaten games in the 2000 Brazilian Championship – five wins and six draws. Led by Luiz Felipe Scolari, the team faced Gois, who also had a good campaign in the competition and had Elpdio Barbosa da Conceio, or Dill, as a major highlight.

Dill scored both goals in Gois’ victory at Serra Dourada – one with a right foot and the other with a header. With 20 goals, he was the top scorer for “Mdulo Azul” alongside Romrio, from Vasco, and Magno Alves, from Fluminense.

Despite the setback, Cruzeiro recovered in the competition, leading the first phase with 45 points in 24 rounds and becoming the favorite for the title. Gois also advanced to the knockout by finishing fourth, with 41.

For those who don’t have so many memories of that period, the 2000 Brazilian Championship was called Copa Joo Havelange after Justice banned CBF from organizing the championship as a result of a lawsuit filed by Gama, from the Federal District. There was no downgrade in the edition.

Thus, the 116 involved in the dispute could be champions. Mdulo Azul, considered the “first division”, had 25 clubs. In the Yellow Module, a kind of “Series B”, 36 teams were separated into two groups of 18. Finally, the Green and White Modules (Series C) had, respectively, 28 and 27 participants.

Out of 116 clubs, only 16 qualified for the knockout – 12 from the Blue Module, three from the Yellow Module and one from the Green/White Module.

First placed in Mdulo Azul, Cruzeiro eliminated Malutrom (champion of the Mdulos Verde/White), in the round of 16, and Internacional (9th in Azul), in the quarter-finals. In the semifinals, they lost to Vasco (5th at Azul), who would become champion over So Caetano (2nd at Mdulo Amarelo).

In turn, Gois was unable to put into practice the excellent campaign in the initial phase and said goodbye in the round of 16 against Paran, winner of the Yellow Module.

Turning in the semifinal (2003)

(Photo: Jorge Gontijo/EM DA Press)

Cruzeiro’s journey to the fourth title in the 2003 Cup in Brazil had Gois as an opponent in the semifinals. The team that had Vanderlei Luxemburgo at the helm won the first duel convincingly, 3-2, at the Serra Dourada stadium on 21 May. The goals were scored by Deivid, twice, and Aristizbal. Dimba and Arajo rocked the net for Gois, then directed by Cuca, now coach of Atltico.

In the second game, on May 28, Auecione opened the scoring for Gois after 2 minutes. In the first half, Dimba even scored the second at Mineiro, but referee Paulo Csar de Oliveira canceled the goal with the help of assistant number one, Valter Jos dos Reis, who signaled an offside.

After escaping the risk of taking the 2-0 that could have cost their place in the decision, Cruzeiro tied in the 33rd minute, in the conclusion of forward Mota after a free kick at the barrier by defender Thiago.

At 45 minutes, the most beautiful move of the night: Augusto Recife intercepted a pass in the middle, advanced the ball and covered Harlei with a beautiful finish placed from outside the area: 2-1.

In the final of the Copa do Brasil, Cruzeiro got the cup by beating Flamengo: a 1-1 draw at Maracan and a 3-1 victory at Mineiro.

rout (2013)

(Photo: Marcos Michelin/EM DA Press)

The kickoff for the 2013 Brazilian Championship title was given by Cruzeiro with a 5-0 rout over Gois, at Independencia, on May 26th. Diego Souza, Bruno Rodrigo, Nilton (2) and Borges scored the heavenly goals and hosted more than 12,000 fans at Horto.

Despite the mishap suffered on its debut, Gois rehabilitated itself throughout the championship and ended its participation in a position of respect: 6th place, with 59 points.

Brazilian title (2014)

(Photo: Washington Alves/Light Press/Cruise)

The Brazilian’s tetra game, on November 23, 2014, won 2-1 over Gois, in front of more than 56 thousand fans in Mineiro. Ricardo Goulart and Everton Ribeiro rocked the net in head submissions, 12 minutes into the first half and 17 minutes into the second half. Samuel scored for the emerald team with a shot placed on Fbio’s left angle.

With the triumph in the 36th round, Cruzeiro reached 76 points, seven more than the second placed, So Paulo. The team coached by Marcelo Oliveira completed 80 after drawing 1-1 with Chapecoense, in Santa Catarina, and beating Fluminense by 2-1, in Belo Horizonte. J o Gois finished 12th in Serie A, with 47 points.