Britto Jr detonates Luciano Huck’s attitude in Domingão’s debut

One of the situations that most caught the public’s attention in the debut of Sunday, that’s what happened before with the game between Brazil and Argentina. Due to four players who did not comply with the quarantine, the match had to be stopped.

Because of this situation, an agent from Anvisa and the federal police entered the middle of the field to put an end to the game, which caused the revolt of some players. This situation caused the entire TV Globo’s nightly schedule was delayed and suffered some changes.

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The Sunday with Huck started more than thirty minutes late, causing Luciano to be taken by surprise. “I thought I would see a game today, Brazil and Argentina, duel of giants… I almost went on stage in my underwear today, I thought I would have to go first. I would like to thank Galvão, what a generous message…”, he joked.

However, there were those who did not like this beginning. The host Britto Junior criticized the fact that Luciano Huck did not pay more attention to what happened at the beginning of the attraction. “I’ll sum up: Luciano Huck is very good, but he couldn’t have missed the opportunity to talk about the news of the day, which is the interruption of the game in Brazil. I had to have called Galvão to tell him how the story turned out. These programs are getting colder. Missed the chance”, he wrote.