Caboclo blames the suspension of Brazil and Argentina on the CBF: ‘I need my return’


SUSPENDED Rogério Caboclo leaves the CBF presidency after accusation: sexual harassment (Credit: WILTON JUNIOR)

Amid a series of complaints of sexual and moral harassment by employees of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), Rogério Caboclo issued an official statement in which he condemns the organization for the suspension of the game between Brazil and Argentina this Sunday (5).

The match, valid for the World Cup qualifiers, underwent the intervention of agents from Anvisa and the Federal Police at Neo Química Arena. The reason was the breach of protocol by four Argentine players, who did not respect the sanitary rules imposed by Brazilian ordinance.

“The interruption, this Sunday, of the game between Brazil and Argentina for violation of sanitary and immigration rules is a demonstration of the lack of governance that took hold of the CBF after my unfair removal,” said the leader.

“The very body that summarily dismissed me, without the right to defense, has already concluded that I did not commit the conduct of harassment”, says the removed president of the CBF.

“Today’s case should have been resolved by the CBF before the game, avoiding embarrassing the country and harming the delegations, the sponsors and, above all, the fans”, said Rogério Caboclo.

Caboclo insisted on accusing a group, which he did not name, of taking “by assault” the organization’s management.

“Today’s episode makes clear the need for my return to the CBF’s command to fulfill the mandate for which I was elected with 96% of the votes”, completes the removed president.

Currently, CBF is under the management of Ednaldo Rodrigues, who placed the responsibility for the incident on Anvisa’s account.

“I’m sorry on behalf of all sportsmen, on behalf of all affiliates, the entire public that was also watching this match, the viewers, because it really causes indignation and I believe, with all due respect, the Anvisa institution, but Anvisa really extrapolated in your decisions because I could deal with all this before, not after the game starts”, criticized the manager.

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