Caixa releases new emergency aid withdrawals; see who receives

Caixa Econômica Federal releases this Monday (6) the withdrawal of the fifth installment of emergency aid for informal workers born in April. Values ​​range from R$150 to R$375. The money was already paid on August 22, but was only available for purchases, payments and transfers, through a digital account in the Caixa Tem application. Values ​​range from R$150 to R$375, depending on the family.

Payment of the allowance is made according to the month of birth, in the case of informal workers, and the last digit of the NIS (Social Inscription Number), for those who belong to Bolsa Família. For program beneficiaries, the fifth installment has already been paid and made available for withdrawal.

The sixth installment of the aid will be paid from September 17th.

See the full calendar of the fifth installment of the aid

5 portion of joint emergency aid - Arte/UOL - Arte/UOL
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Assistance with a lower value and for fewer people

The 2021 emergency aid is more restricted than last year, with amounts of R$150, R$250 or R$375, depending on the family, limited to one benefit per family.

45.6 million people are benefited, 22.6 million less than the R$600 emergency aid paid in the middle of last year (68.2 million people).

Only those who received last year receive the new aid and, therefore, are already registered in the public registers used for the analysis of applications. Those who are not registered will not receive the benefit, as there will be no new orders.

Who can receive?

You must meet a series of criteria to receive the new aid:

  • have received emergency aid in 2020
  • be an informal worker or a Bolsa Família beneficiary
  • having a monthly family income of up to three minimum wages (R$ 3,300)
  • having family income per person of up to half the minimum wage (BRL 550)

How do I know if I will receive?

There are three channels to check if you are eligible:

What is the amount of aid?

It will depend on the condition of each benefit:

  • For those who live alone: ​​R$ 150
  • Families with more than one person and that are not headed by women: R$ 250
  • Families headed by women: R$375

How to pay?

The government deposits the money in free digital accounts opened by Caixa on behalf of aid beneficiaries last year. Money can be moved through the Caixa Tem application.

First, the person receives the deposit and is only able to use the money for shopping and paying bills. The cash withdrawal is not available until weeks later.

Who cannot receive?

They are not entitled, according to the government:

  • formal workers, with a formal contract
  • who receives benefits from the INSS or federal income transfer program
  • who received the aid in 2020, but did not withdraw or use the money
  • whoever has 2020 emergency aid canceled at the time of the registration analysis of the new aid
  • medical residents, multiprofessionals, scholarship recipients, interns and similar
  • people under the age of 18, except teenage mothers
  • inmates
  • who had taxable income above BRL 28,559.70 in 2019
  • who had, on December 31, 2019, possession or ownership of assets or rights, including bare land, with a total value exceeding R$300 thousand
  • who received in 2019 exempt income, non-taxable or taxed exclusively at source above R$ 40 thousand

How do I apply for assistance?

It is not possible to claim the benefit. Last year, the government made available an application and a website for the worker to register and request assistance.

This year, the government will use the registration made last year. If it judges that the worker meets the criteria, he will pay the benefit automatically, without the worker having to do anything to receive it.