Caixa releases withdrawal of the 5th installment for those born in April; check out

This Monday (06/09), the release of the withdrawal of the 5th installment will be made for those born in April. Check emergency aid schedule.

Caixa continues to release the withdrawal from 5th installment of emergency aid for those who are not part of Bolsa Família. That is? To those linked to CadÚnico (Single Registry of the Federal Government) and citizens who received the benefit in December 2020. The banking institution, on this pre-holiday Monday (06/09), will allow the withdrawal of money from beneficiaries born in April .

Therefore, the dates were staggered according to the month of birthday of those contemplated by the program. The schedule for withdrawals of the 5th installment started on September 1st and will until the 20th of the same month. Remembering that Bolsa Família beneficiaries already have the right to withdraw money from the deadline for deposits in their accounts.

In 2021, the amounts of emergency aid are variables and do not have a cumulative character. Mothers who are heads of households receive R$375 per month, without the possibility of guaranteeing more than one installment during the same month. Citizens who live alone are entitled to a monthly payment of R$150. Finally, other beneficiaries are entitled to the average amount of R$250 per month.

5th installment of emergency aid: schedule for withdrawal

The withdrawals of the 5th installment to the general public were organized according to the birthday month. Those who were born in April, in this way, can now withdraw their money this Monday, September 6, 2021. How there was no opening of enrollments in this year of 2021, emergency aid is being granted to those who already received it in 2020.

Follow the calendar for the release of the loot of the 5th installment to beneficiaries who are not part of the Bolsa Família (general public):

  • Born in January: 1/09;
  • Born in February: 02/09;
  • Born in March: 03/09;
  • Born in April: 06/09;
  • Born in May: 09/09;
  • Born in June: 10/09;
  • Born in July: 13/09;
  • Born in August: 14/09;
  • Born in September: 15/09;
  • Born in October: 16/09;
  • Born in November: 17/09;
  • Born in December: 20/09.