Cardano’s creator explains why the currency is not broken

Many people believe that Cardano cryptocurrency (ADA) has the potential to be better than Ethereum, its main rival in technology. In recent days, the first tests with smart contracts on the network began to be tested.

However, an Ethereum developer noted that the first tests with Cardano were not very nice until now. The coin’s creator, in turn, came to its defense, claiming that the net is not broken.

With this hope that the project will be a success, Cardano’s price has soared in the market in recent weeks, recording a 106% increase in the last 30 days.

On Sept. 2, the ADA quote hit a new all-time record of $3.00. The maintenance of the high movement depends, certainly, on the community’s hope for the project, which continues under the watchful eyes of even rivals.

Ethereum network programmer stated that Cardano is not a reliable network

One of main criticisms of Cardano was that this network did not support smart contracts (smart contracts), after years of promising this novelty.

Now, the contracts have finally reached the project’s testing network, only possible because it is sought out by developers interested in creating decentralized applications on the network.

However, for Ethereum programmer Anthony Sassano, the first dApp that aired on Cardano network showed that she it’s not safe at all.

“The first dapp aired on Cardano and the ADA fanboys are finally discovering that you can’t do a peer review to solve the fundamental issues.”

Sassano’s criticism was made about the Minswap, an application that is being built on the Cardano network and was published on Testnet last Friday (3).

The dispute between Ethereum and Cardano is far from over

There is hope among fans even of project migrations from the Ethereum network if the rival proves to be more robust and secure.

However, the developer, an Ethereum fan, doesn’t believe the community is enthusiastic about his main rival’s innovation, as concern was seen on Cardano’s Reddit forum — Sassano was bold and even said that this could be the end of the ADA, if you do not quickly come up with solutions.

In an ironic tone, he added that the scientists at Cardano are already working to solve the problems.

Cardano network is in testing phase and currency is not broken, creator said

One of the users who followed the debate, David Miller, said that how Cardano is still being tested. Therefore, there is no way to say that the project is broken, and it will be necessary to wait for tests and corrections.

“Cardano on testnet. You can’t say it’s broken until it’s released”

On your YouTube channel, the creator from ADA too defended that the currency is not in ruins, and attributed the attacks to lies.

However, the Reddit, Twitter and Telegram communities do not agree with the allegations.

“Reddit doesn’t agree. Twitter doesn’t agree. Telegram does not agree. Guys, it’s noise and it’s FUD. It really is one of the hardest things in the world to build a truly scalable distributed system that is decentralized and accepts Byzantine actors.”