Carla Perez shocks everyone by putting Amazon against the wall

Carla Perez
Carla Perez uttered the word and raised questions to the streaming platform (Image: Playback / Instagram)

Carla Perez caused quite a stir on his Twitter profile. Tchan’s eternal blonde shared the premiere post of the new movie from Cinderella, which debuted on Amazon, in which it talks about the first Latin Cinderella.

The former dancer then questioned the streaming platform. “What’s this story, Prime? First Latin Cinderella? Respect Cinderella Baiana, my love“, shot Carla, referring to the film she made.

It didn’t take long for Internet users to join the wave of Xanddy’s wife. “That’s right, Carlinha“, reinforced one. “You have to respect Cinderella from Bahia“, stated another. “The real Cinderella is Carla Perez“, fired a third.

On Instagram, Carla reposted a video of Lázaro Ramos talking about unpublished scenes from the film. In the caption, she commented: “My loves, respect this wonderful actor @olazaroramos !! My partner in the scene, remembering here the recordings of the film Cinderela Baiana, that Chico and Bucha made me laugh a lot, I miss you….”.

The best scene is when he releases the doves from the cage, speaks a very beautiful phrase and then starts dancing the Tchan“, recalled a person in the comments. “Good time I remember that I went to the video store every week to get the same movie (laughs)“, revealed another.

About to complete 20 years of marriage to Xanddy, Carla has her relationship with the singer as an influence for several couples. In a recent interview with Quem, the singer of Harmonia do Samba revealed:

“I think it’s not a matter of being a rare case of a lasting couple. It encompasses many factors and that’s why it brings this idea of ​​being something difficult. I think that first, me and Carla are very in tune. We respect each other a lot and seek balance. This thing of giving in on one side makes a big difference.”

And God is actually the basis too. We go a lot in thinking about what God wants for our relationship, how he would act in various circumstances and situations. In this we find patience and serenity. Anyone who wants and puts these things into practice can be happy. Remembering that it is necessary, above all, to love, to have the passion lit all the time. Everything else is an addition after love“, he completed.

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