CI&T opens 250 home office job openings; know details

CI&T, one of the companies that maintain Cubo Itaú, announced the opening of 250 job openings in home office for professionals from all over Brazil. The opportunities are, above all, in the technology area.

Created in Brazil, CI&T has expanded and currently has ventures in the United States, Canada, Japan, China, United Kingdom and Portugal. The company is 25 years ago in the digital solutions market, working in strategy creation, research, data science, design and engineering, with a focus on developing operational efficiency.

Of the job openings being offered, many of them are aimed at the positions of Software Architect, Full Data Engineer and Product Designer. Remembering that, due to the remote modality (home office), it is possible to apply from anywhere in the country.

Home office work with benefits

For any of the job vacancies advertised by CI&T, the worker will have access to the following benefits:

  • Health and dental plan;
  • Meal vouchers, food and transport;
  • Gympass (agreement with gyms);
  • EZ Life (providing personal care services within the company);
  • Family program (daycare assistance, maternity leave (6 months) and paternity leave (20 days);
  • Variable Remuneration Program;
  • CI&T University (the company’s content channel aimed at professional development).

Applying for a job vacancy at CI&T

For those who intend to apply for one of CI&T’s job openings, simply access the company’s website.

All opportunities are listed on the platform. Next to the options, there is an arrow with “Apply”. By clicking on it, you will be redirected to a page with the full description of the job (where is the company, prerequisites).

On this page, below the name of the job vacancy, there is another button “Apply” that will redirect you, finally, to the page where you will send your resume, as well as fill in all the application data.