City Hall stops irregular events with up to 700 people in the South and West zones

Agents of the Municipal Secretariat of Public Order (Seop) of Rio interrupted, this Saturday night, the 4th, an irregular event that took place at Bar Bella Marina, in Barra da Tijuca. The agents went to the establishment after a complaint and found crowding in the event that had no authorization. About 700 people were at the scene. The party was interrupted and the audience withdrawn. A man was taken to the 16th DP (Barra da Tijuca) for contempt.

On social networks, videos recorded by space goers show many people crowded together and without a face shield watching the musical performances that take place on a stage. On the internet, the event announced the participation of five artists from 1pm. One of the organizers even quotes, in a video published on the networks, the presence of city hall agents: “Inspection has arrived, but next time we are together again,” he said.

According to Seop, a fine was imposed for violation of sanitary measures to a man who received the teams without a face shield and another fine for unauthorized operation of establishments and activities. The value of each is R$ 562.42.

The same establishment had already been banned in previous operations by the Sanitary Surveillance, according to the city. The bar even received another inspection action this Saturday, at lunchtime, when no irregularities were found. However, at night, according to Seop, there was a failure to comply with the restriction measures. When contacted, Bar Bella Marina denies it and says that a lunch was taking place at the place, where people were sitting, respecting the minimum space between tables and no signs of crowding.
In Copacabana, Zona Sul, the Pink Flamingo nightclub was closed after another complaint. About 100 people were at the scene. In Recreio dos Bandeirantes, West Zone, new inspection: an event concentrated around 100 people in a very small space. The establishment was also closed by the Sanitary Surveillance. EXTRA was unable to contact the club’s owners.

Pink Flamingo, in Copacabana, had around 100 people gathered
Pink Flamingo, in Copacabana, had around 100 people gathered Photo: Disclosure

The inspection teams also fined establishments after finding agglomeration at Rua Conde de Bonfim, in Tijuca, and at Rua do Imperador, in Realengo. In Rio das Pedras, a bar was closed for lack of documentation. The inspection also acted to verify denunciations of other agglomerations and clandestine parties in neighborhoods such as São Conrado, Padre Miguel and Botafogo.

It is worth remembering that the decree currently in force with restriction measures prohibits the operation of nightclubs in the city. Throughout the night and into the night, inspection convoys made up of agents from Seop, Municipal Guard, Sanitary Surveillance and support from the Military Police, worked at various points to verify complaints.

On this weekend of Sete de Setembro, between the night of Friday, the 3rd, and the dawn of this Sunday, the 5th, 53 sanitary infractions were registered (including fines applied to people caught without a face mask and to bars and establishments by non-compliance with rules contained in municipal decree) in the city.

Inspection actions found several irregularities this Saturday
Inspection actions found several irregularities this Saturday Photo: Disclosure