Corinthians repeats the score of the first leg, wins Ferroviria and is in the final of the Women’s Brazilian Championship

Corinthians hosted Ferroviária at Arena Barueri this Sunday to define a spot for the final of the 2021 Brazilian Women’s Championship. The Parque São Jorge team won 3-1 the duel and is classified for the decision – the goals of Corinthians were by Géssica (against), Erika and Gabi Zanotti.

Timão will face Palmeiras in the final of the competition. This is the rival’s first decision, while Corinthians seeks the trichampionship after becoming champion in the years 2018 and 2020. The final date has not yet been confirmed, but Alvinegras decide at home.

Arthur Elias’ team dominated the entire match and, at the end of the second game, Timão got an aggregate score in 6-2 after repeating the same 3-1 in the first leg on the return.

Timão reaches the final with 60 goals scored and 16 conceded in 18 games played. The Corinthians won 15 wins, two draws and one defeat throughout the competition.

Write it down, Faithful! – Before the decision, Corinthians faces Realidade Jovem for the Campeonato Paulista, on Wednesday, at 7 pm, at Parque São Jorge.


As expected, coach Arthur Elias promoted some changes in the starting lineup in relation to the team’s last commitment. Goalkeeper Kemelli returned to the goal alvinegra, as well as defenders Erika and Giovanna Campiolo. From the middle to the front, Ingryd, Adriana and Vic appeared on the team.

  • The holders were: Kemelli; Kati, Gi Campiolo, Erika and Yasmim; Ingryd and Gabi Zanotti; Gabi Portilho, Tamires, Vic Albuquerque and Adriana.

My Timon

The game

First time

Corinthians’ first big arrival was at three minutes into the game. Gabi Zanotti saw Portilho free on the right and gave a deep pass to shirt 18, which knocked Luciana to her feet. The ball fell to Tamires, but the full-back couldn’t finish.

At five many, Tamires made a great cross in the area for Gabi Zanotti – alone in the area. Timão’s shirt number 10, however, was advanced and the referee got the offside.

Railway’s first arrival was eight minutes into the game, but Corinthians tried to respond in the next move. Portilho went out sewing on the right side of the field and messed up the opposing defense. Timão’s forward made Gessica score against her own goal and leave the score 1-0 to Timão.

At 14, Ferroviária had a good opportunity to tie the duel at Arena Barueri. In a corner kick by Rafa Mineira, defender Erika had to make an effort to avoid an Olympic goal.

Six minutes later, Gabi Portilho reappeared, this time halfway through. The shirt 18 of Timão advanced and came face to face with the goalkeeper Luciana, but ended up stretching the ball too much and could not finish.

The pressure from Corinthians followed. Tamires and Gabi Zanotti almost made it 2-0 in the 33rd minute. In both, the ball ended up in the goalkeeper’s hands. A few minutes later, Erika hit the net after a corner kick, but almost couldn’t celebrate: the goal needed to be reviewed by the VAR before being confirmed. Corinthians 2 to 0!

At 50, Timão could have scored another one. Vic Albuquerque and Gabi Zanotti exchanged good passes and Vic kicked towards goal, but ended up stopping at goalkeeper Luciana. Soon after, the referee ended the first half of the game with an alvinegra advantage of 2 to 0 (and 5 to 1 in aggregate).

Second time

With the advantage in the match and in the aggregated scoreboard, coach Arthur Elias returned to the second half with no changes for Corinthians.

In Corinthians’ first advance on the left side, Adriana was knocked down near the penalty area. The foul earned a yellow card for the railway player. The crash was up to Yasmim, but the side ended up sending it over the crossbar.

At nine minutes, Corinthians scored the third goal with Gabi Zanotti. The Corinthians 10 shirt went up to submit after a great corner kick by Yasmim. The alvinegra advantage in the aggregate score went to 6-1!

Gabi Zanotti started yet another beautiful move for Corinthians. The midfielder rolled down the right side, giving Kati full conditions to play in the area and Vic trying to submit. The shirt 17, however, could not push it to the back of the net.

At 17, Arthur made the first changes. Kati, who finished the first half on the grass, went to Poli’s on the right. Vic, Portilho and Ingryd also left the field at the same time for the entries of Bianca Gomes, Jheniffer and Andressinha.

In the next move, Bianca Gomes received a good ball in the area and turned to score, but ended up stopping in Luciana’s defense. At 25, it was Railway’s turn to try with Rafa Mineira: face to face with Timão’s goalkeeper, who made a great save!

Arthur Elias returned to the team at 32 minutes of the final stage: author of the third goal of the team, Gabi Zanotti gave space to Diany on the field.

Railway managed to cash in the 39th minute, in a penalty kick after the ball caught in Yasmim’s hand. Goalkeeper Kemelli hit the corner, but couldn’t reach Rafa Mineira’s great kick in his left corner, but he had no reaction time: Corinthians 3 x 1 Ferroviária and a guaranteed spot in the final!

Corinthians 3 x 1 Railroad technical sheet

Competition: Brazilian Women’s Championship
Local: Arena Barueri, Barueri, SP
Date: September 5, 2021 (Sunday)
Time: 8:00 pm (Brasilia)
Referee: Deborh Cecilia Correia
Goals: Erika, Gabi Zanotti and Gssica (own goal) (Corinthians); Rafa Mineira (Railway)

CORINTHIANS: Kemelli; Katiuscia (Poliana), Giovanna Campiolo, Erika and Yasmim; Ingryd (Andressinha), Gabi Zanotti (Diany), Gabi Portilho (Jheniffer) and Tamires; Victria Albuquerque (Bianca Gomes) and Adriana.
Technician: Arthur Elias

RAILWAY: Luciana; Ana Alice, Luana (Suzane), Barrinha, Aline Milene, Sochor, Carol Tavares, Yasmim, Rafa Mineira, Gssica and Aline Gomes (Aline) (Diane).
Technician: Lindsay Camila

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